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No matter how good you are, you won’t hit the bullseye every time. For beginners, it’s even tough to make the darts stick on the board every time.

Darts can slip from the board for many reasons.

You might throw the dart incorrectly. The pin of the dart might be dull. Heck, you might even hit a tight group which will result in slippage of the dart.

What happens when the dart hits the floor? For soft tip darts, the chance of damage is minimal. But if the dart that failed to stick to the board is a steel tip, it can hurt the floor. Damages might be done, at least enough to ruin the cosmetic integrity.

Best dart mat will guard your floor against these types of harms. They’ll take the hit before the dart reaches the floor.

Best Dart Mat Comparison Chart

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Best Dart Mat Reviews

ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat 

Zaap is the ultimate professional dart board mat that you might only need. From built quality to throw lines, the Zaap Heavy Duty Mat comes with superior quality, within an affordable price.

The mat comes with four throw line that is clearly visible. Be it a friendly or competitive match, you have all the distance clearly drawn for you. The lines are distanced at 7’6", 7' 9.25", 8'0" and 8'6".

As for the material, the mat is made of dense, thick, heavy duty rubber. The rubber gels with the floor as soon as you lay it. The folded dimension is 24.5 x 5 x 5 inches. When you lay it on the floor, the dimension is 118 x 24.5 x0.1 inches.

The thickness is enough to guard the floor securely. The non-slip design eliminates any chance of a walking hazard. The mat is also compact and rolls smoothly when you intend to keep it somewhere else after the game.

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What We Like

  1. Heavy duty, durable rubber mat.
  2. Can be rolled and unrolled easily.
  3. Four oche lines clearly painted and visible.
  4. The rubber is anti-slip.

What Could Be Better

1. The rubber might smell at first, we recommend giving it some days of open air time before using.

Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat 

If you intend to use your dart mat for competitive games and tournaments, you cannot compromise with the quality. What you’ll need is an industrial grade mat. Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat is just the one that can withstand the torments of a public place.

The mat comes with 3 mm thickness, just enough to keep your floor safe from falling steel-tipped darts. However, the thickness also makes sure the chance of tripping in high traffic areas is also minimal.

The Short Dart mat comes with a non-curling design. Which, apart from appearance value, adds some degree of security. The mat is marked with official soft tip and steel tip dart throw lines, which makes it great for any tournament settings.

The mat is 9’9” long and comes with a width of 2’. The width might seem narrow, but it gives the mat a compact look and help is quick rolling. Weighing only 9 Kg, you shouldn’t have a problem moving it around.

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What We Like

  1. Made of industrial grade rubber.
  2. Lays flat on the floor due to the non-curling design.
  3. Features throw lines for both soft tip and steel tip darts.
  4. Thick enough to guard the floor while reducing the chance of tipping.

What Could Be Better

1. Might come with a rubbery smell, should go away in a few days.

Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat 

This one is made from vinyl, which is the closest thing to rubber when it comes to dart mats. You won’t find any difference in quality, and surprisingly, you might even like it more.

The mat is made from soft, cushioned vinyl. Not only the material used to make it is comforting to stand upon, but it also shields the floor from falling darts. The mat is heavy duty, and come with non-slip properties.

The toe line isn’t painted like other mats. Rather, it is imprinted on the mat, which surely adds extra appeal on the mat. You will get both distances for both steel tip and soft tip darts. It provides the accurate distance, 93-1/4" for steel tip darts and 96” for soft tip darts.

The dimension of this mat is 117" L x 24" W x 1/4" D. For the thickness, you shouldn’t have any problem rolling it and storing it somewhere else. Overall, this is a great professional dart board mat that’ll stick around for a long time.

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What We Like

  1. Made in the USA with utmost quality.
  2. Embossed throw line for both steel and soft tip darts.
  3. A non-slip mat that can be rolled easily.
  4. Soft, cushioned vinyl makes it comforting to stand on.

What Could Be Better

1. Might not stay in the same place all the time. However, you can just adjust it back into place if something like that happens.

Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat 

You know a mat will give you great ROI when it is usable in both home and tournaments. Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat claims to do so, and we’ll jump into the review to see if they’re right.

First of all, the lines are drawn keeping visibility in mind. It provides throw lines for both steel tip and soft tip darts. The distances drawn are 90”, 93-1/4" and 96 inches. What makes it suitable for both home and tournaments use is the micro grip layer under the mat, which keeps the mat in place.

The mat is made of long-lasting rubber material. Being 3 mm thick, the mat enough thick to guard the floor, but not too much that people will experience tipping. The mat comes with a dimension of 32 x 6 x 6 inches. You can roll this 22-pound mat and tuck anywhere with ease when not used.

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What We Like

  1. Made of strong, durable rubber material.
  2. Can be used on home and tournaments both.
  3. Micro-grip layer enables better chemistry with the floor.
  4. Clearly visible throw lines.

What Could Be Better

1. The rubber might smell for the first few days.

Is Dart Mat Necessary?

They are. Not only they protect the floor from damage, but they also protect the dart itself from breaking or being bent, saving you money on the process. Sometimes, they even work as toe line. Which means you don’t have to bother about taping the toe line. Often dart mats come with markings that show the distance between you and the dartboard.

Types Of Dart Mats

There are different types of dart mats. They differ in quality, price, and durability. However, the rule of the thumb is, quality dart mats might cost you a few extra bucks. But, they’ll last longer and ensure you a great ROI.

1. Home Dart Mats: 

They might not be of the best quality, but they’ll do the job. They come with basic design and cheap price tag. Since they have to face fewer torments than tournament mats, the chance is they’ll stick around for a long time.

2. Industrial/ Commercial Dart Mats: 

They come with more quality. The materials used are quality materials and they usually last longer. They don’t curl easily and lay flat on the ground. They are non-slip mats and brings a professional look to the game.

3. Floor/ Wall Mat: 

Depending on where you hang it, there are two types. Obviously, there are differences in their built quality. For example, floor mats are supposed to be more tear resistant. The mat should be non-slip. Also, the mat should be thick enough to guard the floor against falling darts. Wall mats aren’t frequently used as floor mats. However, they add an extra layer of security on your wall and guard it against stray darts.

How To Choose The Best Dart Mats


Materials of the dart mat will influence the quality and longevity of the mat. Also, you have to make sure the material goes well with the type of floor you have.

1. Foam

They are a compromise if you have a shortage of budget. Usually, thick and high-density foams are used for this purpose. While they’ll do their job to a decent level, you might be careful about planting them in high traffic areas. They might not stick to the ground well and become a walking hazard. This type is best used for home.

2. Vinyl

Usually, they come slimmer than their counterparts. However, they have an excellent quality of sticking to the floor, making them an ideal candidate for high traffic areas. They also have nonslip abilities, making them ideal for competitions.

3. Rubber

Rubber is the best solution when it comes to dart mats. They come with ample thickness, stick to the floor regardless of the floor type. Also, they have the non-curling design, which means they lay flat on the ground. People walk on them has minimal chance of tipping.

Surface Compatibility

In other words, non-slip design. Not only for the users but also with the surface. Let me clear it a bit. Usually, we use 4 types of floors, wooden, tiles, concrete and carpeted. The mat we use should stick to them properly, otherwise, they’ll slip while people walk on them. Rubber is the best material when it comes to sticking to any ground. Vinyl also does the job just fine. Foam has lack of this virtue and generally used in home settings.

Accurate And Visible Throw Lines

Well, this might not be the main job of a dart mat, but it surely enhances its value. It’s a hassle to use tape or markers for the floor. It diminishes the look of the floor. Dart mats come with throw lines, to give you additional value. But make your observations before jumping to any conclusion.

Make sure the lines are clearly visible, are compatible with the regulation and the distances are accurate. See if the throw is clearly visible and properly labels. The good thing is these matters are checked and covered properly by best dart mat brands.

Wrapping It Up

Let me confess something to you. The dart mat market isn’t competitive like other dart equipment. I mean, you’ll only find a handful of products with the efficiency and quality needed. And these products have been around the market for a long time. While it is assuring that these products are top quality and passed the test of time, the price might give you a feeling that these companies are playing a monopoly, keeping the price slightly higher than normal.

Being that said, no confusion these are the best dart mats around. Otherwise, people would have rejected them a long time ago. So let us accept that you’ll still be able to get a floor guard and throw line indicator with the same product and regardless of the price, it’s still a win for you.

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