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Darts is a popular game, not only in the USA, UK and European counties, rather all over the world. What makes dart so insanely popular? For starter, it doesn’t take much space. You don’t need a huge field to play. You can start anywhere, anytime. Does that mean the game has lack of zing? Heck no, there are very few games that can be as intense as darts.

Darts has literally hundreds of games. Scoring method, the significance of segments change from one game to another. There are a few games who has been able to stand above all, being played most of the time. In this article, we will discuss about the best dart games that fall into that category.

How To Play Cricket Darts ?

Cricket uses the number 15 to 20 for the dartboard and the bull.

The objective of cricket is gaining most points once all of the numbers have been open and closed. To open a number that number must be hit three times with dart by one player.

For example, one triple 20 opens 20 section, one double and one single 20 open 20 section, three single 20 open 20 section. Once the number is open for scoring, the player that opened it can score on that number until the opponent has hit that same number three times and close it.

The play continues until all of the numbers have been opened and closed. The player with the highest score at the end of the game will be the winner.

How To Play Baseball Darts ?

Baseball darts is played when two or more players take turns aiming at a particular number, and since it's called baseball, players go to do 1 to 9.  So, if you get the dart into the middle or the inside, it's going to be one point. If you get it in the double it's going to be two points; a triple is three points and the bullseye four points.

So you all aim at one. If you hit anything else other than the one you get no points. So, you aim at one, and you aim at two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and the person who has the most points at the end of the ninth inning wins the game. That is how you play baseball.

How To Play Darts 501 ?

Probably the most popular and most played game of darts is the 501. It is the simplest of all too. Being the simplest, it still doesn’t have lack of competitiveness.

The dart 501 rules are rather simple. Each player starts with a score of 501. They get 3 shots with each round. The score with each turn is taken into consideration and deducted from the previous score, starting from 501.

The segment values are also simple. The outer ring values at 25 points, the bullseye scores 50 points. Hitting the dart in the double or treble segment result in doubling or tripling the segment score.

The rule is the first player to reach exactly the score 0 wins. The twist is he have to reach 0, not 1 or -1, and the last hit must be a double or bullseye. If you fail to achieve that, the score returns to the previous score during the start of the level.

So if you need, say, 32 points and you hit 16 at the first turn. You have to hit a double 8 for the game to finish. If you hit 15, then by the rule the game returns to the initial score before the round, in this case 32.

Good players always try to go with round numbers. For example, if you need 24, or more ideally 32, you will try to hit double 16. Even if accidentally hit single 16, you can go back to the next double, for this occasion, double 8. This way, there’s a strong possibility you won’t end in awkward score, like 1.

How To Play Darts 301 ?

First, decide by a toss to determine who goes for the throw first. Each team has to throw 3 darts for a turn. The main rule of this game is to hit a double to start collecting points and hit double again to win the game.

The main object of Darts 301 is to count down points from 301 and this starts by subtracting the points you achieve from your turn. Say for example, if a team aim for double 18 which is 36, and two single 20s, they scored 76. That means the team has to score 225 more points to go under zero.

The team has to finish on a double, so if there’s 80 points left, the best way to go is to hit a triple 16 and double 16. That will make the score zero where the final throw was double, which will bring the win. 

How to play beer darts ?

Playing beer darts is simple as it only needs a few darts, some cans of beer and a couple of chairs. If you have no chair around, you can play standing. To play this fun version of darts, only two players are enough.

•    Players will sit on their chair face to face with opened or unopened can of beer. The gap between chairs should be 10 ft.

•    Put a cardboard in front of each players’ legs as a shield if any dart misses the beer can. Keep the beer can on the ground just in front of the board.

•    One player has to throw the dart and hit the opponent’s beer can. Then the other player will do the same to first player’s beer can.

•    If the first player can puncture the beer can of the second player, the second player has to sip the whole beer.

•    This turn will continue until one player drinks 3 beer cans and he is the loser of the game.

How to play lawn darts ?

Lawn darts or Crown dart is an outdoor fun game only for adults. Before starting the game, take some important precaution. Find an open space where people will not move into during the game. The game requires minimum two players.

•    A ring placed on the ground will be the starting point from where you throw the darts standing. Another ring, which is a target ring will be similarly placed 12 meters away from the first ring.

•    A toss will decide that who will take the first throw. Then the first player will lob his dart in underarm motion targeting the second ring. He has to repeat this twice with two darts. The second player will do the same with different color darts than of the first player.

•    If the dart lands inside the ring, the player gets 3 points. He/she gets 1 point if the dart falls close to the ring. Only one player/team score in a single round. The player getting the most point in a single round will get the remaining score after deducting the point of another player. For example, if player A gets 3 points and player B get 1 point, that means player A gets the score 2.

•    Achieving 21 points is the object of the game. So, the first team/player achieve this wins the game.

Wrapping It Up

These are the games that are widely popular and played frequently. However, it will be an overstatement to say these are the only games that has passed the test. In fact, we can go on with the best dart games list. This article was a humble attempt to keep you interested on the beautiful game of darts. With hundreds of games and their variations, there’s little chance you’ll ever feel bored.

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