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Best Darts 2020

Darts is a very popular game played for generations. With its inception in the medieval ages, the game has progressed into becoming a household game. You can easily indulge in a captivating game of darts with your family and friends.

The game is played at home, parties, hangouts wherever you name it. All you need is a dartboard and darts and you can start a game anytime. But, without the best darts to back you up, the game may become tedious. Darts may hit the board and fall off instead of sticking on and the tips may break off.

Flimsy and fragile darts will not be enjoyable to play with. To get the optimal darting experience, you will require the best-rated darts on the market. And to identify them, you need to know some factors.

Best Darts Comparison Chart



Length (Inches/ mm)

Weight (Grams)

Shaft Material

Steel Barrel (Inches/ mm)

Package Included


Fat Cat Predator Tungsten Steel Tip Darts


23 g



Tungsten Steel Tip Darts- 3 Pcs

Flights- 6 Pcs

Extra nylon replacement shafts- 3 Pcs

 Dart Mechanic Repair Tool Deluxe Dart Pal Dart Case- 1 Pcs

Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts


18 gm


1.73"/ 44mm

Steel Tip Dart-15 Pcs

 Round Dart Sharpener- 1 Pcs

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts


22 gm


2.20’’/ 56mm

Nickel Plated Brass Barrels Darts- 6 Pcs

 Dart Sharpener- 1 Pcs

Sametop Steel Tip Darts Set


22 gm



Steel Tip Dart-12 Pcs

Dart Sharpener- 1 Pcs

 Pattern Flights- 15 Pcs

TrekProof Steel Tip Darts Set


18 gm


Brass Plated Steel

Steel Tip Darts- 12 Pcs

Dart Flight Flags- 12 Pcs

 Extra Flight Flags- 4 Pcs

Wolftop 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts


23 gm


2.17"/ 55mm

Steel Tip Dart-12 Pcs

 Round Dart Sharpener- 1 Pcs

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts





Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts- 3 Pcs

GWHOLE Soft Dart With Flights And Points





Soft Darts- 12 Pcs

Dart Flights- 16 Pcs

 Soft Tip Point- 200 Pcs

Wolftop Soft Tip Darts


17 g



Soft Tip Dart-12 Pcs

 Dart Points- 36 Pcs

Best Darts On The Market Reviews

The appropriate darts for you are much related to your experience level and the type of player you are. Below we have the best darts review from all types so that you have plenty of options to choose from. They're highly rated and already loved by the users, so that part is taken care of.

Best Tungsten Darts

1.Fat Cat Predator Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Tungsten darts are a sign of quality and durability thanks to their metallic properties. So, the Fat Cat Predator is easily one of the best darts in the world, due to its excellent features and subtle craft.

The Fat Cat Predator is created with 80% tungsten. Tungsten allows exceptional balance in the air, due to being a very dense metal. It allows the dart to have a much slimmer profile while maintaining the same weight as other darts. This automatically allows tighter shot groupings while not losing any control.

The dart also has strategically designed knurling as well, the Double Banded Knurl, allowing better control and efficient throwing. It is also a heavy tungsten darts set, weighing at 23 g. The weight is evenly distributed on the body, and the dart is neither back nor front-loaded.


  • Weight: 23 g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Package Includes: 3 Tungsten Steel Tip Darts, Six flights, three extra nylon replacement shafts, Dart mechanic repair tool, and Deluxe Dart Pal Dart Case.


  • The Fat Cat Predator dart barrel has tactically placed knurled band, deep rings and grooves, which allow many gripping points and can teach players on better hand placement. The tungsten barrel also offers better stability and movement in the air.
  • The sheer number of accessories included with the set is excellent. Extra flights, replacement shafts, and a repair tool which can be used to tighten the shaft. Also, a case for all your accessories and your darts is included for more portability. Rarely even the best darts brands provide that many accessories.
  • The dart flight has a gliding structure which allows the dart move through the air effortlessly. The dart flights also have a wolf graphics which really give the vibe of a predator.


  • Along with being one of the best tungsten darts, the darts are also slightly expensive. But, quality comes at a higher price.

Best Steel Tip Darts 2020

1. Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18/20 Grams with Aluminum Shafts and 5 Style Flights

From the beginners to the pros, Wolftop has a good variety in their repertoire. Out of them, the Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts stick out as an affordable option for darts enthusiasts. Boasting several colors and design, this cheap steel tip darts set can be affordable while being attractive at the same time.

Weighing 18 or 20 grams, the dart has an aluminum shaft boosting durability while the dart barrel is also brass plated. This makes the set of darts stand out from others.

A dart sharpener is also included with the package. This is a great addition, as it helps from your darts becoming blunt with extensive use over time.

Overall, these darts are ideal for players who are trying to put on the shoes of a professional player and would use better quality equipment for that.


  • Weight:  18 gm
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 1.73"/44mm
  • Length: 4.62”
  • Package Includes: Steel Tip Dart*15 Pcs, Round Dart Sharpener*1 Pcs


  • The shafts of these darts are made of aluminum, which boosts durability over a longer period of time. These darts are much more durable than the plastic dart sets while being affordable for players.
  • The dart also has well-placed knurling, which allows much better grip. This can help your balance while throwing the dart better. It will be easier to throw with greater accuracy with adequate force, as control over the dart is increased.
  • The 15-pack darts all come together in one jar, which increases portability. You can take the darts anywhere with you to play, be it your local bar or a friend’s house.


  • The flights, although coming in attractive shades and colors, may not be that durable over the long run. However, you can buy them at a cheap price. The darts are also very light, so to get a good throw you have to exert a lot of force.

2. Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts - Professional Darts with Aluminum Shafts

The Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts are crafted with the requirements of an enthusiast in mind. The darts are of 22 g, which is of a medium weight. This weight class leads to both the beginners and intermediate players having a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from these darts.

The darts are also designed beautifully and the flight design is definitely appealing, not to mention the nickel plated brass barrels. These make the darts sturdier and lead to an increase in durability.

A dart sharpener is also included, to keep your darts sharp and ready for any challenges and competitions. Two extra flights come with the package if the one you are using gets damaged.

This dart is definitely one of the best steel tip darts for the money. This is because you will get durability, an elegant design and professionally designed darts at a reasonable price. Especially beginners will find these darts very effective in learning the game with better equipment.


  • Weight: 22g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 56mm/ 2.20’’
  • Length: 4.8’’
  • Package Includes: 6 Nickel Plated Brass Barrels Darts,1 Dart Sharpener.


  • The shafts are made of aluminum, which can boost the durability of the darts in the long term. The shaft is also a spinning shaft, which allows more control of the path of the dart in the air.
  • The 8 poly flights also are designed to reduce the air drag. The smooth flights allow the air to flow past uniformly, allowing less drag to combat the motion of the dart.
  • The dart head and tip resemble the form of a hammer. This shape aid in a better flight of the dart in the air. This helps for better accuracy and an efficient trajectory towards the board.


  • The flights are not the best quality and need to be handled more tenderly to preserve for a longer time.

3. Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts Set

For a dart to be used by beginners and for indoor games with family, the dart has to be lightweight, compact and durable.

The Sametop Steel Tip Darts capture all of these qualities perfectly. In their relatively smaller dimensions, they are ideal for effective practice by someone trying to improve their game. These darts easily are the best darts for beginners.

The dart’s shaft is made of aluminum, giving it better stability in the air while keeping the weight lower. The shaft also reduces drag, which improves flight of the dart in the air.

The customized groove and knurling allow you to grip the dart more comfortably. The dart also efficiently releases when thrown.


  • Weight: 22g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 1.80”
  • Length: 4.9”
  • Package Includes: 12 x steel tip darts, 1 x dart sharpener, 15 x pattern flight


  • Made of steel and brass-plated, the dart barrels are sturdy and durable. The brass-plating also makes the dart look attractive. The dart tip is black colored nickel steel. The robust design makes the dart survive extensive use over a long period of time.
  • The barrel of the dart can be tightened with the Build-In O-Ring feature. When dropped from your hand, if the barrel gets loosened, you can tighten it back again to normal.
  • The polypro flights of the dart also enhance the speed of the dart in the air as well as working to reduce the air resistance. The aerodynamic flights come in attractive shades, you can choose from national flag flights or series of pattern flights.


  • The dart may end up being a bit simplistic and ordinary for some users, as there is less focus on design and rather on quality here.

4. TrekProof Steel Tip Darts Set (12-Pack)

The TrekProof Steel Tip Darts are precisely what an enthusiast needs, strong, durable, top quality darts. A good set of darts can set apart a fantastic game and a terrible one, and TrekProof darts are definitely renowned for the former.

The TrekProof darts boast of a high-grade aluminum shaft. It resists bending over a long time and can withstand hits and falls to the ground.  The dart is lightweight, but there is no compromise in quality. It’s durable and built to last.

The steel barrel is also brass-plated with grooves. This makes it look more appealing, as well as support better grip and can enhance your throwing ability. The grip is strategically created so you can feel the weight of the dart in your hand, and your throws can be more calculated and precise.


  • Weight: 18 g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Package Includes: 12 Steel Tip Darts 12 Dart Flight Flags, 4 Extra Flight Flags


  • The TrekProof Darts have even weight distribution. Thus, you will not have to worry about backloading or frontloading during your throw. This is integral for beginners in the game to learn the game even faster.
  • The poly flights have also been crafted in an aerodynamic fashion which reduces drag to a minimum. As the air resistance cannot alter your dart’s path, throws will be more accurate.
  • The dart flights are stylishly designed. The flights are designed after country’s flag which adds to the appeal and handsome look to the dart. An O-ring has also been placed so that you can keep the whole dart straight and secure.


  • It may be a bit tough to attach the flights, but once attached, they are a great set of darts to play with.

5. Wolftop 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts

Want a set of cheap darts which will last a long time and give you a good darts experience? Well, the Wolftop 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts would be the best cheap darts for you. A tip made of stainless steel, steel barrels as well as an aluminum shaft make it an attractive buy.

The dart consists of an aluminum shaft, not the usual plastic shafts found on cheap darts which break without warning. They are durable and don’t bend too easily either. The shaft is solid and straight.

The dart is of medium weight, and the weight is distributed throughout the dart. The weight is not front-loaded or back-loaded so you can learn the game better. A dart sharpener is included so that your darts can remain sharp and penetrate the dartboard easily.

This set of heavy metal darts is best if you want to get an idea and have an understanding of how it is to play the game at a more serious level.


  • Weight: 23g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 2.17"/55mm
  • Length: 6.87”
  • Package Includes: Steel Tip Dart*12 Pcs, Round Dart Sharpener*1 Pcs


  • The steel barrel and aluminum shaft allow great trajectory and flight in the air. This leads to enhanced accuracy and less unstable movement in the air. This will allow you to hit the target more efficiently.
  • There are also grooves present which allow better gripping of the dart. You can control the dart better in your hands and throwing will be more effective.
  • The aluminum shaft also allows much more durability than other darts in the market. It resists bending over extensive use. You can throw it haphazardly and it will still remain sturdy for a long time.


  • The flights used in these darts are quite generic and ordinary. They are also a bit flimsy, so the flights should be handled carefully.

Best Soft Tip Darts 2020

1.Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts emanates elegance, style and does your job perfectly. The neat, slim design is further boosted by the deluxe features it has to offer.

The top selling point of these darts is the specially designed rubberized grip. The rubber grip, also colorful and well designed, make the darts one of the most popular and best darts for grip. It allows a great blend of friction and control in your fingers allowing a smooth release of the dart.

The darts are also equipped with top quality flights, which allow smooth and accurate movement through the air. The heavy soft tip dart is renowned for its balance and stability. Although it’s not of the heaviest darts weight class, the sturdy material brings a loaded, dense feel.


  • Weight: 18g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 2.063”
  • Package Includes: 3 Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts


  • The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip darts have 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points, with a reinforced cone inside. This makes the tips highly durable, very strong and ensures top quality.
  • The diamond-cut aluminum shaft also has shaft locking holes. You can tightly secure your shaft to the barrel. This helps a lot as you will not have to do the monotonous job of retightening the shafts time and time again after throwing one or two times.
  • The tactical input grooves, as well as rubber sleeve, allow maximum control and grip. The nickel-plated steel barrels provide great stability in air, making the Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip the best darts for intermediate player.


  • The dart may not be the best for you if you are a beginner. Its high-quality professional build might feel competitive when you enter the game as a newbie.

2. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights and 200 Dart Soft Tip Points

For the darts enthusiast, even an occasional game of darts will be important. Every game will test the player’s experience and flair. And if the player happens to own an electronic dartboard, he will most certainly search for the best soft top darts. And surely, the GWHOLE soft darts are one of the best darts for the money.

The GWHOLE darts are renowned for their exceptional balance. Contrary to many other soft tip darts in the market, the GWHOLE soft darts don’t bounce out of the dartboard very often.

The nickel silver plated barrels also provide more weight and stability to the dart. However, the dart is more center-loaded and weight is distributed more centrally to the dart. That has to be kept in mind during throws.


  • Weight: 18g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Package Includes: 12x Soft Darts, 16x Dart Flights, 200x Soft Tip Point


  • Equipped with Bi-directional grips, the dart’s each throw is further strengthened. It improves the speed and maintains the accuracy of the dart in the air. The well-balanced design ensures you hit the target, albeit you throw well.
  • The 200 dart soft tip points included alone suggest a long playtime with these darts. You can practice relentlessly for an extended period of time without a worry of breaking or bending the dart tip. And, you have 199 of them to go through!
  • The dart boasts of a hefty warranty policy and is renowned for its durability. Made of high-grade material, it feels sturdy in the hand and great to throw. The dart is also well designed and does not look like the generic dart, which is precisely why it ends up in our best darts list.


  • The dart is also only 18g, so throwing requires more force. Thus, it may not be best for an entry-level player.

3. Wolftop 12 Pack Soft Tip Darts

The Wolftop 12 Pack Soft Tip darts are sleek, lightweight, and boast a handful of reasons why you should buy them. A premium product of Wolftop, this set of darts are easily the best soft tip darts for the money.

The first thing you will notice is the weight of the darts. The darts are very lightweight at 17 grams and require a hefty amount of force behind each throw. Even with the lightweight structure, the darts are sturdy and durable due to the aluminum dart shaft. The shaft also resists bending over a long time.

The other is the inclusion of extra 36 pieces of dart tips. The large number of dart tips you are getting can help you better your game with practice, as you have easy replacements available.


  • Weight: 17 g
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Steel Barrel: 1.89"/48mm
  • Length: 5.59’’
  • Package Includes: Soft Tip Dart*12 Pcs, Dart Points*36 Pcs


  • The darts’ unique styling definitely sets it apart from others. Attractive flights, a tidy black finish on the steel barrel makes it very appealing. The dart’s lightweight, small size makes it a joy to play with indoors.
  • The dart tips are also made of 2BA soft dart point. These alone provide good durability, but the inclusion of more 36 extra pieces gives the darts a formidable lifetime. You can use the darts for practice for a long period of time, for the betterment of your game.
  • The darts also come in trademark Wolftop jars, which allow very easy transport. The price of the darts is also very reasonable for all the features available, making it one of the best cheap soft tip darts in the market.


  • The darts may loosen if thrown very briskly and hard. You will have to tighten them again before further throws.

Darts Buying Guide | How To Choose The Best Darts

A dart defines the way you will play a game of darts. It may influence how you play, and even how well you play. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for getting the best dart to maximize your potential.

Darts, although looking like small and rather insignificant, have a lot of factors defining its performance. You have to examine all the facets of what makes up a dart and choose what is best for you.

Buying a dart will also depend on how often and how seriously you play the game. This is because a dart used by a pro and the dart used by a casual player is quite different. Even light or heavy darts may make the difference in your overall game performance.

Below some specific features of darts are summarized to give you a better idea when buying the best dart which will suit your game.

  • Materials

Steel Tip Darts are usually available from 12 to 50 grams, although a really low number of players actually throw darts above the 30-gram mark.

Soft tip darts are available from 12-20g weight classes, which is okay for beginners in the game.

  • Darts Weight Guide

This is a vital component of the dart which many people ignore. Weight is an essential factor in the flight and trajectory of the dart. But, to choose the best dart, you cannot overlook the weight-balance factor. 

Light darts are easier to throw but much difficult to control. You have to maintain the right balance between force and trajectory to reach your desired target. You have to throw with more force to make them travel through the air. However, if you can find the right balance, you can hit your target with sublime accuracy.

As for the heavier darts, you will not require using as much force as the heavier darts. The weight component will dictate a lot of your trajectory. These are often called the perfect darts to start with, especially the 20-25 grams weight class.

Overall, a lot depends on your personal preference. But beginners often struggle to hit the dartboard itself, let alone score points. The heavier darts give leverage to the new player to learn about the game better. Using them, a player can find out the right amount of force and accuracy to hit the target without being frustrated.

  • Weight Distribution

Another factor is the weight distribution within the dart. Some darts have more weight in their front (front loaded) while some darts have larger weights at the back (backloaded).

Front loaded darts are better for players who grip the dart closer to the point, while backloaded darts are for players who hold the dart more centrally and further behind the tip.

  • Grip

Recognizing the best grip for you will only need you a few throws of your dart. There are many styles of grips available which each gives you a different advantage. Some darts have fantastic handling and grip, while others have smoother barrels for better release of the dart. Basically, the knurling on your grip is the focus.

Knurling is the grooving and engraving on your grip, which allows you to grip the dart better according to your style. The heavier the knurling is, the easier the dart is to grip. However, too heavy knurling can cause problems in the release of the dart and the dart will tend to stick to your fingers. Accuracy will not be optimal.

There are some specific types of grips, like the pencil style grip for darts which consist of cylindrical barrels. A light grip can be utilized for throwing darts with narrow barrels. A scallop grip would be best if you grip the dart from the back of the barrel.

  • Shaft

The shaft of a dart is usually correlated to the material your dart’s tip is made. But that doesn’t undermine the importance of the dart shaft to your game. Coming in many designs and materials such as plastic, carbon-fiber, and aluminum, shafts can be integral to your playing style.

Plastic/ Nylon Shafts: For the newcomers, the plastic/nylon shafts are the best choice. Cheap, and available in various designs and colors, the plastic shafted darts are widely common in the market.

Made of nylon or polycarbonate, these shafts break pretty easily. However, when starting off, you will not throw very accurately and will break many darts over. However, These darts end up being much cheaper alternatives if you want to start off darting without having too much expenditure in the game.

Aluminum Shafts: These shafts are better when you are more familiar with throwing techniques. Sturdy and durable, these shafts are available with many decorated engravings and styles. They are also usually associated with the heavier weight class of darts. These will bend rather than break when extensively used, so you can just straighten for more use.

Carbon Fiber/ Carbon Composite Shafts: Carbon fiber/ carbon composite shafts have the durability of an aluminum shaft dart, just being more lightweight. The lower weight can maintain much more accuracy.

Higher quality carbon shafts can give you the same durability as an aluminum shaft, but with no bending of the barrel over time. These are recommended for an intermediate to an advanced player, not for beginners.

Composite Shafts:  Composite shafts are made of a metal alloy and plastic threaded into it. The metal alloy holds the flight of the dart, while the plastic doesn’t allow the shaft to vibrate loose from the barrels as easily. These are very durable shafts, and also you can replace the tips for further usage.          
  • Flights

You will quickly notice that, at the back end of each dart, there is a different fin-like structure. These are known as flights. Although they look more like decoration, they actually have a large impact on your dart’s trajectory. Thus, it is very important for a newbie player to interpret the right flight for them as it can have a large effect on his accuracy.

There are a number of different types of flights available, but the most popular ones include the standard flights and the slim flights.

Standard Flights: The most common flight available in the market, standard flights have large surfaces. This keeps the dart stabilized in long movement through the air.

These flights are ideal if you want to apply lesser force to throw the dart onto the board. These flights are also ideal for heavier darts, especially the steel-tipped darts.

Darts with long shafts often can be destabilized through the air and may ‘fish-tail’. These darts will enjoy better stabilization through the air using the larger, standard flights.

Slim Flights: These flights are smaller than the conventional standard flights. They are ideal for the lightweight darts. They reduce drag from the air due to their aerodynamic shape, and thus makes the tip of the dart arch slightly downward during flight.

Slim flights are ideal for you if you want to throw harder with more force towards the dartboard. For players with plastic/nylon darts or players who use soft tip darts, slim flights are the way to go.

There are other flight sizes and shapes available, like Kite, Teardrop, Lantern, Vortex etc. This flight ‘sizes all range from between or more than the standard or slim flights.

  • The Intended Use and User

The darts you buy are much related to the type of player you are. Users widely vary in their skill levels and experience. Some are starters or learners, others are intermediates, whereas others are experts in the game.

You may use some darts for practicing and perfecting your throw. You may also purchase some signature darts of your favorite darts player to compete in tournaments.

The challenge, on your part, is to determine which kind of a user you are and for what exact purpose you may want to devote the dart to, before embarking on a purchase.

FAQ On Darts

1. How To Score Darts?

Scoring in darts depends on the type of darts game you are playing. There are standard, cricket, knock out, around the clock, tennis and many more versions of the game. Each of those types has a different rule and different scoring system.

The surface of the dartboard is divided into 20 different sections. These sections indicate different numbers. When a dart hit any section of the dartboard, the representing number of the section is considered as a score.

You will find the dartboard sections are divided into a single area, double ring, triple ring, outer bull, inner bull etc. However, the scoring system has a wide range of variations based on the game types. In some game, for some sections, you will multiply the numbers, while in other game for other section the rule may be subtracting the number.

2. How To Hold A Dart?

There are many holding styles of a dart. I will cover only two of them that are common practices among pro players.

The first technique to hold a dart is called the classic pen grip, where your finger is underneath the point, one finger on top and the thumb behind. You grip it like you hold a pen. I would always recommend that the thumb is behind the first finger and that when you take your dart back, the thumb is going to do this. So the nearer you can get to start at that position the better.

Now, in the second gripping style, you have to put the finger on top of the points. So it's very similar to the pen grip but with the finger is on top rather than underneath.

These are the two grips that you could start with.

3. How to aim darts?

Use your dominant eye and hand: The very first important thing is to know your dominant eye and hand. The hand you feel comfortable to use for any of your regular work is your dominant hand.  Finding your dominant eye is simple- throw three darts with each of your eye closed and the resistance to shut while you throw the darts determines your dominant eye. Now, you can lead your aim with this hand-eye combination.

Lead with your elbow: Your elbow starts the process of throwing darts, so it’s important to get the position of the elbow right. So, beware of the elbow positioning before the action. It will be perfect if your elbow is pointing slightly up and directly towards the dart board.

Find a sight line: To maintain consistent shots and aim properly, find your good line of sight. It can be the either the first or second knuckle of thumb, or tip of the dart, or a small finger or the throwing hand.

Aim directly: Aiming right or left of your target will lead you to poor throws and result in losing points. So, aim directly to the target.

4. How To Properly Throw A Dart?

Aiming: Focus on the target, not the dart. Make sure the target, the darts and your eye stay in one line.

Backward Move: Almost all expert players do this. It is just a matter of practice to have control of the backward move without losing the aim.

Acceleration: To get the accurate and consistent throws, snap your wrist smoothly whilst you release the dart. In this phase, your hand should continue going forward until the dart leaves the hand.

Follow Through: A very important action. After you release the dart, let your hand continue the throwing motion in the air, the fingers facing towards the board or slightly downwards. It will allow you and the dart to maintain a consistent form at the end of a throw.

5. How to sharpen darts?

Sharpening darts is not a difficult task. If any parts get worn, it’s always better to replace. However, few maintenance techniques can be followed to get the more accurate throw.

Soft tips: If any of your soft tips bend and you want to save the tip, you can turn the tip back manually.

Steel tips: Steel tips get blunt. So, they require to get sharpened regularly. By using grinding paper you can sharpen your darts. Put the grinding paper on a plain surface or at the edge of a table, grind the tip of the darts in rectangular motion and spin the dart around continuously. You will see the dart tip getting sharp as new ones and sticking properly to the board.

6. What Is A Double In Darts?

The dartboard consists of 20 sections and each section is allotted to a relevant number of points. You will notice that the outer rings, inner rings, and bullseye are different in colors and numbers. The outer ring or segment score the double in amount and the inner ring or segment score triple. Hitting the outer segment of the bullseye gives 25 points and hitting the inner segment of the bullseye gives 50 points.

So, double in darts means, if you hit the outer ring in a dartboard segment you will get double points. If you hit 20 point segment, you will score 40 points for hitting the outer ring. Like double, you will score triple 20 or 60 when you hit the inner ring.

Wrapping It Up
It may seem like there is so much to consider, so much to think about while purchasing darts. But buying just any darts should not only be your target. You need the best darts which will fit your personal preference to the most, the darts which you will find your muse playing with.

After your first set, you will most likely buy another set of darts after you have gained some experience. In this way, you can continue to upgrade, testing the best-selling darts in the market. Due to the lower prices of darts as a commodity, you can learn and continue to advance your game. With our best darts reviews, you can get the maximum fulfillment and enjoyment of the game.

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