Best Dart Shafts 2020 | The Most Detailed Darts Shafts Guide Ever

Despite being a small object, the dart doesn’t have the scarcity of accessories and their variations. I often wondered how a small dart can be disassembled further and how even the tiny parts play a pivotal role in the performance. Dart is a game of accuracy, precision, and eye-hand coordination. And of course, even small details can influence the trajectory and accuracy of your shot. That’s why, whether you are a professional or occasional player, having the best dart shafts is an outright priority.

If you’re curious about how this small part of a dart influences the overall outcome of a throw, keep reading. We’ll steer you through the importance of having the best dart stems, their types and how you can choose quality ones.

Best Dart Stems | Comparison Chart




Size Type

Length (mm) (Without Groove)











53 with groove





41, 45







Viper Carbon Plus

Carbon Composite

Short, Medium

Approx. 37, 44



Spinning/ Sidewinder

Extra Short, Short, Medium

30, 37, 44


Harrows Supergrip





Best Dart Shafts Reviews

Best Aluminum Dart Shafts

MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminum Dart Shafts


1. Made of quality aluminum, durable and strong. Comes in 3 color variations in black, red and blue.

2. They are all medium size dart shafts. The length is 45-48mm while the weight is only 2.88 ounces.

3. The package comes with three types of aluminum shafts. Curved, grooved and smooth aluminum shafts, all 9 pieces each.

4. The shafts also come with 27 anti-slip rubber O-rings. They prevent the shaft coming loose from the barrel when thrown to the board.

TeZoro Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts


1. These dart shafts are usable with both soft tip and hard tip. With a length of 53mm including the thread, they can be considered medium dart shafts.

2. The package comes with 20 dart shafts crafted with 4 different colors and 20 O-ring seals to keep the barrel and stems together.

3. The shafts are 2BA dart shafts, which is a standard dart shaft. 2BA grooves tend to last longer than the no .5 because the groove is wider.

4. It might feel difficult to spread the flight channel, but once they are in, the flights fit tightly.

Best Dart Shafts And Flights

ToBeIT Dart Shafts Aluminum & Flights


1. This is a complete package of dart flights and shafts. The package includes 4 sets of shafts, 12 in total, 5 sets of dart flights, that’s 15 in total. The package also comes with 20 dart washers.

2. They are aluminum dart shafts but come with different sizes for the convenience of the user. Among 4 sets, 3 sets of dart shafts are of 45 mm without groove, and 1 set is of 41 mm without the groove. The 2BA groove is 5 mm long for both shaft sizes. 

3. The flights are made of polyester. They come with standard size and can be used for both steel tip and soft tip darts. The 5 flights sets come with different colors.

Best Plastic Dart Shafts

Fityle 30 Pieces Durable Plastic 2BA Dart Shafts


1. These are plastic dart shafts. The package includes 30 shafts. Apart from being affordable and cheap dart shafts, they also come with different colors. There are 4 dazzling options to choose from.

2. The plastics are lightweight, yet durable since they are made of high-quality plastic. If your dart shafts have passed there lifetime, Fitstyle shafts can be a great alternative to replace them.

3. These shafts are universal, which means you shouldn’t have a problem using them with both steel tip and soft tip darts. Without the groove, the length is 48 mm.

Best Carbon Composite Dart Shafts

Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft


1. This shaft is lightweight, yet incredibly strong thanks to the carbon composite used. The carbon graphite construction strikes a wonderful balance between barrel and flights.

2. The structure is something unique. It delivers a front-loaded balance which helps the dart maintain its trajectory while thrown.

3. The structure comes with locking holes. They help you attach the stems firmly to the barrel. This way, you don’t have to tighten them again and again after 1 or 2 rounds.

4. The package comes with 3 dart shafts. There are two sizes to choose from, short and medium. The short size comes with proper spacing between shaft and flights for better aerodynamic trajectory.

Best Spinning Dart Shafts

L-style L-Shaft Silent Spin Slim Carbon Dart Shaft


1. This is a spinning shaft which comes with splits at the sides. The shaft is constructed in a way that allows tighter grouping without ricochets. The shafts let the flights align with each other once one hit another.

2. The L-Shaft can be used with most L-Flights, Paper flights, and Foldable flights. Which means you can stay open to different options.

3. The shaft comes with three sizes that can be labeled as extra small, small and medium. The sizes are 30 mm, 37 mm and 44 mm.

4. The package includes Champagne rings. The carbon top is designed keeping the rings and shell locked flights in mind. Due to a superior build and quality, this shaft tends to stay way more stable instead of rattling.

5. The set comes with 3 exciting colors. You can choose one from clear, white and black. They are durable and won’t break even if they hit the floor.

Best Supergrip Shafts

Harrows Nylon Dart Stems Supergrip


1. What makes a supergrip unique? A shaft ring that holds the flight tightly and securely. The harrows shafts come with visible rings that keep the flight in place.

2. The shafts are made of tough nylons. They are lightweight and don’t have the problem of bending and being out of shape. The package comes with 10 sets of shafts, 30 in total.

3. The package isn’t some boring one color shaft. In fact, there are multiple colors that arrive in the same package. The polycarbonate stems are durable and high performing.

Types Of Dart Shafts

Dart shafts come with different materials, colors, and sizes. Based on the material, they can be classified as plastic/nylon, aluminum, Carbon-fiber, composite, spinning and supergrip dart shafts.

  • Plastic/Nylon Dart Shafts

They are the most economical among all options. Whether you are a recreational player or just starting to learn things, these dart shafts will help you get the hang of the game without spending much. They come in three lengths, medium, short and extra short.

There are some drawbacks too. As they’re not top quality, they usually tend to break if dropped or handled carelessly. However, they still are worth the money, because they’re super cheap.

  • Aluminum Dart Shafts

They are pricier than plastic shafts but also come with higher quality. They’re stylish, top quality and durable. They don’t break off easily like plastic. However, if dropped, they might get bent, and it’s hard to get them in shape again. They’re also heavier, which might be taken into consideration while choosing your flights. They come for both professional and occasional players.

  • Carbon Fiber/ Carbon Composite Dart Shafts

They can be called a fusion of plastic shafts and aluminum shafts, but only with the good characteristics. They are made of carbon composite, which is known for being strong yet lightweight. Thus, the shafts are durable, lightweight and strong. They don’t usually bend when dropped. The shaft is slightly pricier than plastic counterparts, but they’re worth the money.

  • Composite Dart Shafts

They are durable, usually, don’t bend and made for professional players. They come with plastic bases combined with metal alloy top. The top holds the flight. The tops can be replaced if needed, that’s why they are convenient and economical to use.

  • Spinning/ Sidewinder Dart Shafts

One of the challenges of attaching your flights tightly to the shaft is deflation. When hitting a tight grouping, these darts tend to deflate by being struck by another dart. A good solution can be keeping the flights open and stable, allowing it to align with other flights. Side loading dart shafts come with splits at the side of the shaft. The flight stays open and secure. Also, the durability of flights increases significantly.

  • Supergrip Dart Shafts

Well, they come with that name for a reason. They have visible supergrip ring that holds the flight tightly so that the trajectory of the dart remains accurate. They usually come in two sizes, short and medium. They’re designed for and played by competitive professional layers.

Dart Shafts Short Vs Long: Best Dart Shaft Sizes

Long Or Short dart shafts? You won’t find the answer until you try both. The answer lies in your comfort zone and style of play.

Short shafts have a center of gravity towards the front part of the barrel. Long shafts have COG towards the back. So if you are using short shafts, that means you have to hold the dart more towards the front part and be comfortable doing so.

Likewise, if you like throwing your darts holding them in the back part, they appropriate shaft will be the longer ones.

Should You Use Shaft Rings?

Depends on your condition. If getting struck and being bounced is a regular event for you in case of tight groupings, we don’t recommend using a shift ring.

Let us clear that a bit. Rings are used for keeping your flights attached to your shafts. This is important so that the flight doesn’t pop off mid-air and interrupt the trajectory. Can you achieve the top 180-score without throwing your darts in a tight group? Probably not.

However, what happens if you though a dart and it collides with by a previously thrown dart flight? It’ll deflate and you’ll lose the point.

The problem can be solved in two ways, either use flights that can adjust and align themselves in a tight grouping. Or don’t use a ring so that the flight stays loose, pop off while struck and deflation can be avoided.

Wrapping It Up

Dart shaft is like the spine of a dart. It determines whether the dart will act presumably, or it will act like a sheep without a rudder. The slightest bending on the shaft will hamper the performance and make the player deprived of points. That’s why having the best dart shafts is important.

There are variations in sizes, weight, and length. You won’t find your ultimate one on the first day. Keep playing and experimenting, and you’ll reach the sweet spot. Dart shafts aren’t very costly. So have fun playing with them while not worrying about breaking the bank.

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