Best Dart Flights 2020

Dart flights are tiny yet important part of a dart. They help the dart maintain the trajectory until they hit the target. Without dart flights, all you could do is throwing a dart and missing the target. Flights help the dart stay stable and travel in a horizontal motion. Due to the stability a flight delivers, the dart can penetrate the board.

So what do the best dart flights do for us? They maintain the path of the dart just on the merit of the throw. I mean, it can’t correct your bad aim. But it makes sure the dart hits where it supposed to be based on the aim, not external factors.

It may be hard for a beginner to imagine the good number of dart types out there. But the types have an influence on your performance. Dart flights also come in different colors, which help you personalize your darting experience.

Best Dart Flights Comparison Chart









Polyester plastic

5 Sets

 15 Flights

Winmau Rhino


Thick polyester

3 Sets

 9 Flights




20 Sets

 60 Flights

Harrows Retina


100 Micron

5 Sets

 15 Flights



100 Micron

5 Sets

 15 Flights

PerfectDarts Vortex



5 Sets

 15 Flights


Mixed (Standard, Slim & Wide)


25 Sets

 75 Flights


Mixed (Standard & Slim)


24 Sets

 72 Flights

Best Dart Flights To Use | Detailed Reviews

Standard Flights

Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights Standard Shape

These standard dart flights are very durable and well built. As the flights are thick, there’s less chance they’ll be damaged easily. The flights come with 3 wings, which help the dart keep stability in the air.

The material isn’t real carbon fiber. However, the thickness and the resemblance is the closest you can get of a carbon fiber. The build quality brings a balance between budget and quality. Since the shaft grip is strong, there’s little chance they will fall off.

Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights

This is a money saving pack. You’ll be getting 3 sets with 3 flights containing in each set. The product comes with 36 color options and designs to order from. You’ll have a hard time choosing which one is more beautiful, the flags, solid colors or mixed designs?

Winmau comes from a country which is full of darts enthusiasts. Made in the UK, you’ll feel the flights aren’t cheaply made just to reduce the price. They stick well on the board and do justice to your pocket.

Centaur 20 Sets (60 Pcs) PET Dart Flights Wholesale National Flag Cool Styles

Want to have a good number of varieties in your standard dart flights package? Don’t want to buy them again and again? You can do so by purchasing a value pack of standard dart flights. And we have just the perfect package for you.

The Centaur standard dart flights come in 20 sets, meaning 60 dart flights in total. Since these flights are made of durable polyester, you can rest assured they will stick around for a long time. Especially, they are a must-have if you play with steel tip darts.

One of the amazing things is the color options and designs they provide. 20 different designs containing flags, fire, and other mixed patterns.

Slim Flights

Harrows Retina Slim Dart Flights

If you are looking for strong, durable flights that come with slim shape, then arrows Retina is the one you need. Being 100 micron, the flight is thick enough to use for both occasional and professional purpose.

The package comes with 5 sets of flights, 15 in total. The flights are colorful and eye-catching. Despite being thick, these flights are still light. They can be used with both steel and soft tip darts.

Pentathlon Dart Flights Slim Size

If you tend to throw your darts fast, you can choose the Pentathlon Slim Dart Flights. These UK made top quality dart flights are 100 micron thick, better than the 75-micron options. Also, these flights are made double thick.

The package is a value pack. You’ll get 15 flights with different designs in 5 sets. As the flights are made of plastic, they are lightweight. You can make straight throws thanks to the slim shape of these darts. These universal flights can be used with both soft tip and steel tip darts.

Vortex Flights

Dart Flights Vortex Shape by PerfectDarts

Usually, standard flights and slim flights are the ones people look for. Yet, there are shapes that make minor modifications to bring the best out of these two shapes. Among other shapes, the Vortex is the best and loved by users.

The flight design is complex, just to make your dart experience easy. These flights come with an aerodynamic design that resembles a jet.

Vortex flights usually come even bigger than standard flights. There is one thing you need to be aware of, the weight. Good news is, this set comes with a moderate weight. You’ll learn how to get the best result out of them as you play, and your performance will boost.

Mixed Flights Value Pack

Cavalier Darts Long Life Durable Wholesale Nylon Dart Flights Sets

The dart set is rich, both in numbers and varieties. This value pack comes with 25 sets of dart flights, 75 in total, all in different colors and designs. They say they don’t deliver duplicate designs in a package, and you have to believe as most of their designs are shown on Amazon for customer satisfaction.

This dart flights package comes with different sets. Standard flights, Slim flights, Wide flights. These variations help you determine which one goes with your playing style. And since the package is a value pack, you won’t have to spend much to get your assessments done.

These flights can be used with both steel and soft tip, even plastic tip darts. You’ll find different varieties in the pack such as flags, fire, dart board, and mixed designs. Since the flights are made of durable polyester, they’ll last for a long time and work well in tight groupings. If you’re looking for best soft tip dart flights, you’ll find them in this package.

MAXMAU Dart Flights 24 Sets

Maxmau is one of the recognized dart equipment manufacturers. And there value pack of dart flights will really add value, in both economic and quality perspectives. This package comes with 24 sets of flights, with 3 being in every single flight.

This package is a great way for you to test things around your dart board. The Maxmau comes with both standard and slim flights. So you can choose which one goes with your playing style. A great addition for your steel tip darts.

Another thing is, these flights come in retail packaging. So they are a great gift you can give someone you love, along with other dart equipment.

The flights are long lasting, as they are made of durable polyester. The package includes a wide variety of design, and you’ll have a fun time choosing from them.

What Are Dart Flights?

Also known as feathers, dart flights are a tiny part of dart that gets attached at the end of a dart. It help the dart be stable and maintain a presumed trajectory while thrown towards the board. Without flies, darts won’t fly straight and they won’t stick to the board. Think of these as the plane wings, they help stabilize the plane and help it glide. Flights do the same thing for darts.

They are usually made of plastic polymer, nylon, rip-stop nylon and foil. Some of the best dart flight brands are Harrows, Winmau, Perfect Darts, Centaur, Cavalier, and Pentathlon.

How To Choose Dart Flights

Type Of Flights By Shape

There are six shapes that are generally used by players. Standard, Slim, Kite, Lantern, Teardrop, and No. 6.  Among these, standard and slim are the most popular and used.

1. Standard Dart Flights

They are the most used and acknowledged dart flights. They are also the biggest of all types. If you are a slow thrower, of like to lob the throw in the air, then standard flights are the best dart flights to use. People who prefer long shafts are benefitted by the features of standard flights.

Standard flights are generally used by steel tip dart players. That is because these flights allow the dart to float for a longer time. Since the steel tip darts are heavy and don’t need swift throwing, they go well with standard flights. Also, standard flights are more forgiving to throwing angles and slight errors.

Standard flights help longer shafts to stabilize in the air. If you see your flights are facing downwards toward the floor all the time, that’s a signal your long shaft is getting fish tailed. You can correct the trajectory by using a longer flight like standard flight. The increased drag that comes with standard flights will compensate for the fishtail effect. This way, your dart will hit the board horizontally or the flight facing slightly upwards.

2. Slim Dart Flights

If you are a fast or hard thrower, slim dart flights are for you. Slim dart flights are generally used with lighter darts, i.e. soft tip darts. Soft tip darts usually come lighter, thus requiring hard throw from the player, which can be assisted by slim dart flights.

If you see your darts are hitting the board with the flight being in an upward angle, usually more than 10-15 degrees, then it’s better to move towards slim dart flights. Slim dart flights have lesser length, so they have reduced drag on the air. This helps the end of the dart to drop a little, to be in a horizontal position.

If you use short shafts, there’s a chance of flight damage and darts deflecting due to tight groupings. If you use slim dart flights, the damage and the chance to bounce out due to tight groupings will reduce significantly.

3. Kite Dart Flights

The kite flights are usually shorter, which gives the darts a faster flying speed. This flight is suitable for players wanting control over their throw and hit in tight groupings.

4. Lantern Dart Flights

Not so different from kite flights. They almost look alike, but the difference is lantern comes with a slightly heavy back which helps the dart maintain stability and keeps the tail of the dart downwards.

5. Teardrop Dart Flights

Resembling the look of a teardrop, this shape allows a maximum lift from your darts, making sure the dart hits the precise spot.

6. No. 6 Shape Dart Flights

Usually, they aren’t much different than the standard flights. However, they have a slightly narrower shape through the top. Usually, these dart flights are more forgiving to beginner players, yet professional players can also find a stable solution in these.


Smooth Vs Textured Flights

Apart from shapes, you also have to determine which texture goes well with your playing style. Smooth flights do exactly as their name suggests, flying through the air with less drag and more ease. They fly quicker than their textured counterparts.

 Textured flights do the opposite. They experience more drag in the air. The texture determines the behavior of the darts in the air. So if you see the darts acting awkwardly after throwing and not matching your expected projectile, you can try changing the texture instead of the shape.


The thickness, in other words, the material of the flights has an influence on the durability of a flight.

75 Micron- Most economical and cheap. However, they have less durability than other types. Best for home and social use.

100 Micron- The most common and popular choice. Strikes a nice balance between budget and quality.

150 Micron- The best dart flight material, very stable and durable. Due to strong material, they tend to experience less damage. Also, the flights tend to stay 90 degrees which offers more stability for the player.

Plastic- Most stable and long-lasting. They stay at 90 degrees and don’t get damaged in tight groupings.

Which Dart Flights Are The Best?

The best dart flights vary from person to person, and this isn’t something you can take a predetermined stand on. You have to test things up, asses your skill and see which one brings the best performance out of you. If you see a problem occurring again and again during or after the throw, then it’s time you change the shape, texture or material and see what happens.

Wrapping It Up

You can always borrow different flights from friends or families to see which one fits you. However, if you are to test things without being dependent on anyone, you should just buy a value pack which contains all types. They’re cheap, and they’ll help you find your ultimate style once and for all.

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