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Darts is a competitive yet fun game to play. No matter what age you are, if you have a dart board at home, you can let go some steam by having a good time. Since it is a game that includes throwing darts, displaced shots happen from time to time. You cannot reap the full pleasure if you have to worry about stray darts damaging your wall. A steel tip dart can do that. Having the best dart backboard is a great way you can give yourself a degree of freedom.

Living in the moment is fun. Seeing stray darts damaging your wall, painting or furniture might seem okay at the moment. But it’s not fun when you have to pay for the damages. What dart backboard do is prevent players wreaking harm on the wall by throwing drifting darts.

Best Dart Board Backboard Comparison Chart





External Dimension (Inches)



Viper Championship

Wood, Eva V-Foam


32.6 x 33.1 x 3.7


Dart-Stop Professional 29”

Plush Fabric


29.5 x 29.5 x 0.9

1 Inches

Dart-Stop Professional 36”

Plush Fabric


36.5 x 36.5 x 0.9

1 Inches

Viper Defender

High Density V-Foam


5 Inches Radius

1 Inches

Viper Defender III

High Density V-Foam


8.2 Square Feet, 45 x 32 x 1 Inches

1 Inches

Jelinek Cork Dart Board




½ Inches

Best Dart Backboard Reviews

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set, Mahogany Finish

This is probably the best choice you’ll get that strikes a balance between budget, quality, and appearance. It won’t cost you a fortune, yet the beautiful mahogany finish will definitely enhance the beauty of your room.

The back is made of black felt, which means it is well capable to shield your wall from stray darts. The board comes with mounting hardware so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

The backboard doesn’t come alone. This is what makes it cost saving. It comes with a dry erase scoreboard and a removable flight pouch. Not only that, you can store 4 sets of darts with the setup. The backboard can facilitate most dartboards you find on the market.

What We Like

  1. The backboard is long lasting.
  2. Beautiful aesthetic look.
  3. Dynamic backboard that fits most dart boards.
  4. Comes with additional accessories.


1. Doesn’t come with metal reinforcement, making it best used for home, not outdoors.

29" Professional Dartboard Backboard, Octagonal

This is the professional dart backboard that can be your long lasting solution for wall protection. What makes it so special is the fabric and beautiful design. The plush fabric finish can absorb hits from your darts. Also, it doesn’t show any sign of holes or damage. This way, your dart backboard look like new for a long time.

The backboard doesn’t come with any wood frame. This means there’s nothing that can be stained from darts. The backboard comes with pre-installed mounting bracket, which makes it firm on the wall and prevent wobble. You don’t need to worry about wedges, shims or feet.

The steel reinforced mounting point is delivered for secure mounting on the wall. Also, the package includes anchor and 3 inches screws.

The Dart-Stop dartboard backboard is a solid dart equipment made in the USA. The thickness of the board is 1 inch, while the wood back is 3 to 4 inches thick. Unlike any dart backboards, you can use this one for tournaments and professional use.

For some people, the 29” size might seem short. There is a broader, bigger version of this product that comes with the exact same quality and features. Feel free to look at Dart-Stop 36" Professional Dartboard Backboard. if you need a bigger octagonal backboard.

What We Like

  1. A beautiful octagonal design which enhances the elegance of your room.
  2. Pluck fabric that doesn’t show any sign of damage, unlike cork or foam.
  3. Comes with mounting hardware, easy to mount.
  4. Three color variations to choose from.


1. Not a wood framed backboard, ‘if’ that’s you’re looking for.

Viper Defender Backboard & Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Bundle

Cheap dartboard backboards aren’t usually long-lasting, but when something comes from a company like theViper, you know you won’t be disappointed by the quality. Viper defender is the best dartboard surround you can get at a decent price.

The backboard can fit 17.75 inches bristle dartboard. The high-density foam is 1” thick, which is enough to shield your walls and prevent damage. As for protection, the radius is 5 inches, so unless you want to damage your walls from the heart, the surround should be more than enough.

The velvet surface masks any sign of wear and damage. The compression fitting doesn’t need any mounting tools or hardware. If one side of the surround starts to show damage, you can reverse it, rotate it, getting the most out of your spending. The viper went to a degree to make sure both sides are plush velvet finished.

The radius of this model might seem insufficient to many people. If you want to stay on the safe side, there’s another model from viper. This one provides 8.2 square feet of protection. The Viper Defender III Dartboard Surround comes with an extended length that’ll catch even the most awry darts.

What We Like

  1. Comes with just the right amount of thickness and rigidity.
  2. Doesn’t need any tool to set it up.
  3. A 2 in 1 surround. Just flip and you’ll get a new one.
  4. The material makes sure the stray darts stick, not fall down.


1. Doesn’t come with a larger area of protection.

Jelinek Cork Dart Board Backer

There’s something that makes it stand out from other cork backers. Jelinek has been receiving praise since its release and it’s the best cork backer. The backer comes with a textured surface which usually doesn’t show any visible sign of damage. The 100% natural cork material is something sustainable for your home and environment both.

The backer comes with a large surface area. Which means it will be able to shield the wall from even distant off-track darts. If you want, you even can attach more than one sheet to increase the level of protection. The backer comes with a dimension of 36x24x0.5 inches.

The properties of cork make sure the darts stick to the backer, instead of falling on the floor and damaging both the floor and the dart. Setting up is very easy and you don’t need any mounting hardware.

What We Like

  1. Cheap, lightweight yet durable enough.
  2. Environmentally sustainable solution.
  3. More than one sheet can be butted together for more protection in the tournaments.
  4. Thick enough to guard the wall.


1. Might not be as elegant as wooden backboard looks, but effective for sure.

Types Of Dart Backboard

There are mainly 3 types of backboards on the market based on the material used. These are wood, cork and plush backboards with wood back. The cost and quality of these types depend on the material.

The cork backboards are the cheapest option. However, if you know this material you can already guess they aren’t high quality. However, when it comes to shielding your wall, they’ll do the job just fine.

A wood backboard is a better and more viable option for steel tip darts. They might not be super durable like the one I’m going to discuss next, but they are strong enough to absorb hits.

The best option for steel tip darts is plush boards with wooden back. They last longer and are much stronger than the wooden backboards.

There’s another type you can use if you’re just an occasional player and using soft tip darts. Foam darts usually do the job but tend to turn dry with time.

How To Choose A Dart Backboard?

Budget: This thing always comes first, right? Depending on your budget, you can choose any of the types. However, you should remember, you get what you spend. It’s always better to go for permanent solutions instead of temporary ones. You’ll actually be saving your money this way.

Appearance: Dart backboards aren’t just some shield. They are part of your room. How would it feel to have a cheap and out of context dart backboard with the elegant setup you have for your room. Modern backboards take this into account and come with elegant designs that’ll improve the overall impression of your room.

DIY Dart Backboard Vs Professional Backboards: Well, if you love spending some time building a dart backboard, you should go for it by all means. You will save some bucks and the purpose will be served.

However, it’s always better to just buy a professional backboard. It’ll save you time, will match the quality you’re looking for, and meet the aesthetic standard of your room.

Wrapping It Up

Darts has been a people’s game in recent years and people of all ages have granted it as their favorite pastime. In a game which has such diversity of participants, you need to take the variation of expertise into consideration. Not all players are expert and you cannot expect all of them to hit the bull’s eye every time.

This is where the best dart backboards come in. They guard the wall against off-track darts, making it possible for all players to enjoy the game without hesitance. However, backboards used for the occasional purpose and professional purpose is different. So, make sure you don’t settle for less if you want to get a satisfactory performance from your backboard for a long time.

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