Best Dart Cases 2020

Having a dart case is important for two reasons. First, to keep your darts protected. Any professional player who knows how small changes can affect the outcome in darts game will try to keep their equipment protected. The second reason is, keeping your audiences protected.

Darts have sharp edges at one side and any sensible men won’t want to carry them barehanded. The best dart cases don’t only protect your equipment, they provide a great means to carry them around organized. This way, the durability and performance of your dart set increases significantly.

Best Dart Case Comparison Chart





Capacity (Darts)


Securing Mechanism


Casemaster Legion

11 x 8 x 4 inches



12 Pockets

Buckle Lock

Casemaster Ternion

9 x 8 x 4 inches



6 Pockets

Buckle Lock

Casemaster Elite Jr.

7.5 x 4 x 3 inches



6 Pockets


Casemaster Select

8 x 4 x 2 inches



9 Pockets



8 x 4 x 2 inches (Approx.)



2 Pockets



6.1 x 3.2 inches




Lid Cover

Best Dart Cases Reviews

Metal Dart Cases

Casemaster Legion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

Resembling a briefcase, the Casemaster Legion 9 is the durable, all-purpose dart case that you’ll ever need. Apart from the nicely imprinted Aluminum exterior, it has everything a professional dart player needs.

The Casemaster dart case can hold 3 full set of darts, which will enable professional players to carry 9 darts in total according to the need. The interior is covered by foam so that the darts stay protected.

The case has lots of other features. It comes with 10 sleeves for shafts, 12 pockets for flights, 2 plastic tubes for additional shafts or tips, and a large pocket for other accessories.

The case has a professional looking handle resembling a tiny briefcase. The double buckle locking system will come handy for players traveling all the time. Overall, it’s a great professional dart case with sleek design and ample storage.

What We Like

  1. Strong, durable aluminum case.
  2. Can accommodate 3 sets of darts and other accessories.
  3. The large dart cases come with handle and lock.
  4. Padded interior for extra protection.


  1. Might feel bulky to some players.
  2. Some pockets don’t fit all flight sizes.

Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

Some might say it is not that different from the case we’ve reviewed just before, the Legion. Well, while The Casemaster Ternion 9 bears a resemblance to the Legion model, it is different in case of price and storage.

Many people don’t like the bulkiness of a hard case, but they need one due to the protection they offer. Well, the Ternion can be the ultimate solution for them. The model is more compact to fit the need of traveling players.

The case can hold 3 sets of darts. The pockets and sleeves for flights and shafts are less than the Legion, respectively being 6 and 3. The case also comes with a plastic container to keep additional stuff. There is a large accessories pocket in case you have to carry something extra.

The nicely embossed aluminum case will catch the attention of the crowd. But it’s not all beauty without muscle. There is a handle to help you carry the case, and a lock to keep your things safe. In summary, a complete package for players on run.

What We Like

  1. Handle and locking mechanism.
  2. Storage for 3 dart sets, shafts, and flights.
  3. Compact and portable for moving players.
  4. Durable and sturdy aluminum finish.


1. The metal can be susceptible to wear after a period of usage time.

Nylon Dart Cases

Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case

With nylon cases, you have to face challenges. The exterior needs to be good enough to last for a long time. The insert should be soft and padded. Overall, the case needs to be spacious enough without sullying its composure.

All of these has been nicely covered by Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Case. No wonder it has been a top choice for a long time. The scratch resistant nylon isn’t just good enough to fight wear and tear, it can keep moisture out of your equipment.

The interior can hold two sets of darts, 6 in total. The interior also comes with 6 pockets and two plastic tubes to keep you additional dart accessories safe. The foam insert at the inner part protects the equipment from externals hits and abuses.

There is another great nylon dart case from Casemaster. The Casemaster Select 3 accommodates only one set of darts with 9 pockets and 1 storage tube. But that also means it is super compact and portable for users with less equipment.

What We Like

  1. Durable nylon dart case with zipper.
  2. Can accommodate 2 sets of darts.
  3. Roomy yet portable design for carrying.
  4. Interior comes with foam insert to keep things protected.


1. The foam in the inside starts getting softer over time. However, still, a good purchase for the money before that happens.

Harrows Z800 Blue Black Darts Case

Nylon dart cases usually come with one color, black. You might think this is the price of quality you have to pay. Well, not with Harrows Z 800. It comes with a beautiful color blue color which will surely catch the attention of the people around you.

So, what about quality? Turns out the case has quite some good features too. It is spacious, can hold 2 sets of darts. To make the case portable and compact, there are 2 big pockets to store your additional accessories instead of small separate pockets.

The darts are kept inside by a band, which gives a more or less secure option and keeps the darts in place. An amazing addition in Harrows Z800 is the carabiner clip. You can attach the bag with your belt loop with the help of the clip.

Overall, this is a dart wallet with great nylon exterior and a durable zipper. The price falls in mid-range, so you don’t even have to break the bank.

What We Like

  1. Stylish, colorful design and attractive look.
  2. Compact and portable dart case.
  3. The darts are kept in place by a band.


  1. The band might get damaged if not used carefully.
  2. It might be a challenge to close the case if the flights are too large.

Plastic Dart Case

Cyeelife Transparent Plastic Dart Case

Plastic dart cases are known as cheap dart cases but are they worth the money. Most of the time they’re not. But renowned brands like Cyeelife care about their reputation, and they have the resource to produce quality dart case within an affordable price.

Cyeelife transparent dart case comes with just what you need, nothing more, and nothing less. It allows you to store the darts without disassembling them. The body is made of sturdy, clear and colorful plastic.

There is a clip that comes with the case so that you can attach it with your belt. This a great case for players who like to move with minimal gear and store darts hands-free.

The case isn’t for all though. Cyeelife recommends that the dart shouldn’t exceed 5.9 inches while the barrel shouldn’t be more than .33 inches round. If you have darts with longer size or wider barrels, this one isn’t for you.

What We Like

  1. A colorful, lightweight dart case with cheap price.
  2. The darts can be carried hands-free and unassembled.
  3. Comes with a clip to attach it with the belt.
  4. Fourteen color variations to choose from.


  1. Don’t fit all dart sizes. Longer or non-tungsten darts probably won’t fit in this case.
  2. For minimal users, no space for extra shafts or flights.

How to Choose the Right Dart Case?

Like many decisions in life, we think going for a compromised solution is the best approach. But guess what, compromising solutions aren’t always cost-effective. Having a quality dart board that keeps your darts safe and organized means you are in control and you’re in the game. Having mediocre dart cases will only result in buying a new one after a few days. Not that you have to spend a fortune to get a quality dart case, if you know what features to look for, finding one in affordable price is easy.

Dart Case Material

The durability and the safety level of a dart case are determined by the dart case material. Depending on the material, there are two types of dart cases. Hard and Soft. Hard cases are usually made from metal or plastic. They’re more durable and appropriate for players traveling across places. Soft type of dart cases are made from fabric or nylon, are less durable but cheap. They fulfill the job of carrying and protecting darts quite well.

1. Metal Dart Case

They are usually the most expensive among all types. Not that the price difference is too much, but they provide a good protection for dart equipment. Normally, they come with a hard exterior and soft, cushioned interior with slots for different dart equipment.  The structure is comforting for the fact that it will absorb hard hits. Some cases even come with a lock.

2. Plastic Dart Case

They are the cheapest options when it comes to dart cases. They are lightweight and do a decent job of carrying your darts. As for protecting them, while they aren’t as sophisticated as the metal or nylon cases, they’ll still do a decent job. Make sure you don’t leave them where any physical damage might happen.

3. Nylon/ Fabric Dart Case

Also known as soft cases, these dart cases offer a relatively cheaper option than the metal cases. They are lightweight, compact and serves a degree of protection. They might not be as rigid as metal cases, but they hold up enough to carry dart equipment around. On the plus side, often they come with more Velcro straps and pockets.

Storing Capacity (How Much Darts Does It Store?)

Picking the right size for your dart cases will save you from many hassles. Depending on your style, the number of darts and accessories, you’ll have to choose a size where all your equipment fit right in.

Some people play with one set of darts. For them, a compact 3 darts case is enough. Professional players often play with more than one dart set and they carry different interchangeable flights based on range.

There are cases that can carry 15 darts. Roomier dart cases come with Velcro straps and pockets to carry shafts, flights, flight protectors even snap rings.

Purpose For Using

The purpose of using the case determines the type of case you need. Do you need a case for protecting your equipment, or you need one just so you can keep them organized? Do you travel a lot across places? Is portability a priority for you?

Sometimes, you might need multiple cases to fulfill your need. Most of the time, good, unique dart cases come with both protection and portability features.

1. For Travel/ Competition Players

Usually, the priority for professional players on the move is a hard dart case with protection ability. During travel, many things can happen which can affect the dart performance. The purpose of carrying a case is to keep them safe and top notch.

A hard metal case lasts longer against the dart, humidity and other factors it might come in contact during travel, they’re also easy to clean. They usually come with a lock. On the plus side, they’re often gifted with a stylish design that’ll set you apart from your competitors.

2. For Home Use

For home use, the main purpose of using a dart case is to keep the equipment organized and out of the reach of children. Since portability is not so important, you can use a spacious case. Also, the case doesn’t need to be super hard on the exterior. You can use plastic or nylon dart cases for this purpose.


If you don’t want to spend on dart cases every now and then, check if the dart case is durable. Looking at the external should give you a pretty good idea about that. Usually, it’s not hard metal cases you need to worry about, they’re tough to destruct. If you are buying a soft case, make sure they are hard to a satisfactory degree in the outside and have enough padding to keep the darts safe in the inside.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no single best dart case for all people. Why? Because storage need, using purpose and number of additional accessories is different for every people. You have to buy one that fits your needs, right?

The dart cases we reviewed above has passed the test of the crowd. They have high ratings and even higher satisfied reviews from customers. Anyone of them will give you the performance you’re looking for, just make sure you know your storage priority beforehand.

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