Soft Tip VS Steel Tip Darts | What Should I use?

Soft Tip VS Steel Tip Darts | Which One Should I use?

Before deciding on which one to go with, first ask yourself, What’s the point? No, I’m not emphasizing on some deep philosophical life questions, rather a simple one.

"What are the reasons you’re honing your dart skills for?" might be preparing for a professional tournament.

...or you might be hanging a dart board just aimed at a little target practice for you and your friends.

...perhaps you want something to keep your kids away from hours of television and video games.

Soft tip vs steel tip darts, the choice depends on the intended use and users. For example, for a tournament where steel tip darts are used, there’s no point for you to practice with soft tip darts. On the contrary, if the dart board is bought for children, or someone who’s going to miss the board frequently, soft tip darts are better solution.

We have discussed about the physical properties and the advantages coming with both of them. Take a look and decide which one goes with your requirements.

Steel Tip vs Soft Tip Darts

There are two main types of darts available. The Soft Tip dart and Steel Tip Dart.

When you are deciding which dart to go for, you should first check what dartboard you are using. Steel tip darts are ideal for bristle dartboards made of sisal fiber. On the other hand, soft tip darts are used for the sensational electronic dartboards which have been flooding the market, as well as magnetic dartboards.

Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts are available with both fixed and movable points, which can give you a bit more room for customization. These darts are actually to be used in professional environments, where a game of darts is to be treated a bit more seriously. Professional players in tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship and the WPD Championship use steel-tip darts.

Steel Tip darts have a big advantage in their low bounce-out probability. The chances of a steel tip dart bouncing out are slim. The strong and sharp tip can penetrate most dartboards easily. This can allow better gameplay and fewer stoppages, as a bounce out means you have to throw the dart again.

However, steel tip darts carry a few drawbacks. If you miss the dartboard while throwing, you will end up damaging your walls and leave marks and scratches all over the wall nearby. It is also unsafe for young children, as the sharp tips can cause a hazard to them if they start playing with it.

Soft Tip Darts

As for soft tip darts, the tips are made of nylon or plastic material. They sometimes have a magnet enclosed, which depends on whether the board is magnetic or electronic. Soft tip darts are ideal for electronic dartboards and almost all electronic dartboards include these darts.

These darts are ideal for home play. They are totally harmless and can be great for youngsters. The darts also don’t damage your walls or your surroundings as much as steel tip darts do.

Overall, steel tip darts give you an edge by leading to smoother gameplay and traditional feel. Their low bounce-out ratio is also a tempting feature. However, the soft tip darts are a safer, family-friendly alternative. They don’t damage your walls that much, and chances of injuries are minimal.

What Type Of Darts Should I use?

Soft tip darts vs steel tip darts, which one to opt for? The dart you choose mainly would depend on the location you are playing in. If you play in a family room where children are around, it may be a risk to use steel tip darts. Soft tip darts are safer in this regard. If you just want a fun game of darts anytime anywhere, soft tip darts would be a great option.

However, the traditional player would get the most pleasure out of a steel tip dart. This will allow you to train and practice to become a professional or at least a skilled darts player. Most regulation tournaments and even tournaments in your local bar use the steel tip darts. So, this will give you an edge and can prepare yourself to compete with other players. You can also play a competitive game with friends, which will give you a feel of a true professional.

However, you should manage an area where it’s off limits to children and get yourself a dartboard wall protector.

After considering all these factors, you should purchase the top darts of a particular type to enjoy your game.

Wrapping It Up
Hopefully this discussion on the characteristics of both darts will give you a clear idea. If you're fairly consistent, throwing either of them won't feel completely different. Just remember, It all comes down to your comfort. Any type is okay, as long as you're having fun throwing those darts. That's the main point of playing at the first place, right? 

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