Best Speed Bag Platforms

Best Speed Bag Platforms 2020

A man continuously hitting a quickly rebounding speed bag, the most iconic image of boxing training. Almost every boxing movie contains a scene like that, and we immediately recognize the sound when we hear. The training process doesn’t just include a good speed bag, rather having the best speed bag platform is equally important. Without a good one, your speed bag won’t be supported properly and uneven rebound will follow in due course. 

Professionals, even nonprofessionals can use their own boxing sessions at home from time to time. A speed bag platform takes the workout to your home. Of course, you will be needing other stuff as well. Read our reviews on speed bags, swivels, and gloves for that matter.

Speed Bag Platform Comparison Chart


Brand Name


Drum Diameter

Drum Thickness




Everlast Elite




Strike Board, Wooden Frame

Swivel, Assembly Hardware

XMark XM-2811



1 ½”

Hard Oak, 11-Gauge Steel Frame

Bearing Swivel

Balazs i-Box



1 ¼”

Maple Hardwood, 11-Gauge Steel Frame


Valor Fitness CA-53




High Density Wood, Steel Frame

Speed Bag, Swivel





Plastic Frame

Speed Bag, Airpump

Best Speed Bag Platform Reviews

1. Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

High-quality products at crazy reasonable prices? Everlast has established themselves as a brand that does that regularly. The ‘Elite’ fulfills the trifecta of speed bag platforms, simple design, yet solid build and with affordable price.

The drum is a 24 inches diameter board which is 1” thick, which means you can pretty much hit the bag hard without worrying the platform coming off. As an adjustable platform, the Elite gives eight adjusting position, which means 8” up and down.

This Everlast speed bag platform uses a wooden frame instead of metal, which is probably the reason the Elite is cheap. But they do attach to the wall very well. The setup itself comes with a swivel which is relieving. However, the package doesn’t include mounting hardware since every home isn’t the same.


  1. Adjustable to 8 positions.
  2. Comes with swivel and a cheap price tag.
  3. Easy to setup and use.
  4. Best Speed bag platform for the money.


1. Since the board is 1” thick, noising can be an issue. However, you can solve the issue easily by putting a 50 lb. sandbag above the drum to balance the issue.

2. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

This is a professional speed bag platform which comes with a nice outlook. Honestly, this is a better platform than the Everlast Elite, but since the price of the latter is significantly lower, this one had to come to second place. However, if you are a fan of minimalist design with the highest quality and durability, this one should be your choice.

Xmark XM-2811 comes with an 11 gauge steel frame, which is incredibly strong and provides solid performance without wobbling. The drum is 24” in diameter, and 1.5” thick. Made of solid oak hardwood, this drum won't rattle all over the place.

The Xmark speed bag platform has a 15” adjustability option. Which means the platform will allow you truly customized, and distinctive workout experiences. The package comes with a swivel. Some say the swivel is the best thing in the package. Overall, this platform might not be cheap, but you can rest assured about the quality.


  1. Professional quality platform.
  2. Vibration free build design.
  3. Comes with a high-quality swivel.


1. The red wing nut adjusters might not be deep enough for the adjustment bolts. However, the problem can be easily solved by using washers.

Note: Those who are a fan of the XM-2811, but have a budget restraint, there is an alternative! The XMark XM-4441 is almost as good as the former, but comes with a cheaper price!! The only difference is the frame is slightly lighter, and yet, it’ll serve you better than the most options on the market.

3. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Balazs i-Box is a heavy duty speed bag platform which can be an ideal choice for your home gym. It got almost perfect ratings from the users on Amazon and justly so. The things you’ll love about Balazs i-Box are that it comes in three attractive colors, a strong frame, and super thick drum.

The frame is made of heavy gauge steel which is super rigid. This provides a reliable structure for the rebounding speed bag and eliminates any unwanted vibration. The drum is made of maple hardwood, and 1 1/4 inches thick, more than most of the platforms out there. The frame and the heavy drum is the perfect duo to balance vibrations.

Since a platform can be used for different workouts and by different people, the 12” adjustability will give you lots of freedom. The set also comes with professional swivel, so you don’t have to bother buying one separately.


  1. Strong design, solid V-frame bracket, heavy durable drum.
  2. Multiple color options to choose from.
  3. Made in the USA maintaining top quality.
  4. Powder coated for a glossy finish.


1. Might seem expensive to those with a restrained budget.

4. Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

Valor Fitness CA-53 can look ugly to many, and that’s because of the bulky design. Yet this design allowed this unique platform to bring conveniences users generally look for. For instance, the 2” drum which can absorb sounds and vibrations like a sponge.

There are criticisms that Valor made the product unnecessarily bulky to make it look powerful. To be honest, there might be some truth in that. But hey, it is indeed powerful which even the critiques will admit.

The platform is adjustable by 13”, and the adjustment setup is supported by three steel tubes. While some of the other models make the adjusting harder, this setup allows the user to adjust just by turning on the wheel at the bottom, easy!

Another thing will soothe you is that the package comes with both swivel and speed bag, which justifies the pricing. Forgive the bulkiness, and here you have a good speed bag and platform to get you started.


  1. Strong design, easy adjustability options.
  2. Thick drum to eliminate noises.
  3. Comes with swivel and bag.


1. Bulky and might be a hassle to mount. But after that, you shouldn’t have a problem enjoying its virtues.

5. EZspeedbag Quick Install Doorway Speed Bag Platform

The final product in our list and honestly, the easiest to install. You can install it on your doorways, and that too within five minutes. Perfect for home users who love to throw occasional punches on random times. A bit unconventional to be honest, but super convenient for home users.

This is not a professional speed bag platform. But it saves you from worry if you live in a rented apartment. The bag can be installed in doorways 27”- 42” wide with an attachment facility in only several minutes.

The platform is made of plastic, which is not for hard users. You might confront issues like vibration. However, the manufacturers tried their best to minimize the issue by adding two supporting foldable arms to push against the roof.

To be honest, the price seems a little high. I guess that’s because the manufacturers wanted to trade in the unique idea. If you need a speed bag setup on office, class, dorm or home, this portable platform will allow you that.


  1. Compact, portable, lightweight speed bag platform.
  2. Suitable for occasional users, beginners and people with motor functions.
  3. Can be set up against different sized doors.


1. Not for professional use.

What Is A Speed Bag Platform?

Those who see exercisers hitting a speed bag continuously will notice a round block of wood above the bag and the swivel. The round block essentially holds the swivel, thus the bag. Being usually 2 meters in diameter, the speed bag platform dimension makes sure the platform can facilitate different types of bags.

If you purchase a speed bag platform, you’ll also get a frame that holds the platform. The frame makes sure the structure strands firm and there’s no wobbling. This is especially important since the bag is repeatedly hit.

Speed Bag Platform Buying Guide

While different brands come with slightly different dimensions and sometimes features, the main concept is pretty much same. We have discussed the characteristics that will make using the platform convenient and a value for the money.

  • Adjustability

There are many reasons for which you might need to adjust the speed bag platform height. You may be using different bags from time to time. Sometimes, the practice style and punching angles are different, depending on the type of workout you are doing. There might be more than one person needing to use the platform, which is the case for gyms.

Considering these scenarios, an adjustable speed bag platform is convenient. Most of the top speed bag platforms are adjustable by the height of 12” to 15”. Changing the height is rather easy, just change the knobs by the sides of the steel frame.

  • Strong and Rigid Frame And Drum

If you have used any speed bag platform that is old and getting loose, you already know how important this is. For a good workout, you need the bag to rebound properly and rhythmically. If the platform rattles all over the place, it will be annoying for the user.

Same goes for the drum. ‘Drum’ is the round shaped board above the speed bag. A tight drum makes the movement of the bag anticipatable, whereas a loose drum will cause inconsistent rebound. Usually, the drum is made of wood. However, cheap speed bag platforms are sometimes made of plastic, which tends to break soon.

  • Mounting Capabilities And Swivel Holes

These two are the features that’ll make setting up your platform easy. Not all the speed bag platforms are similar, so you need to know if your platform can be mounted within the space you have available. The strength of the mounting will determine how well your platform will perform against those hard punches.

Also, make sure the platform comes with swivel holes, space from which the swivel is hanged. Pre-drilled holes will make the platform usable as soon as it’s delivered.

  • Price And Frequency Of Use

Usually, we don’t recommend cheap speed bag platforms. That’s not because we don’t want you to save bucks, rather these platforms tend to break or underperform in the long run. When you compare value for the money, cheap can be really costly.

Obviously, if you are not a regular user, and want a speed bag setup around for occasional workout sessions, there’s no harm looking for a cheaper one. In that case, too, you can find better quality at a relatively cheaper price if you know what to look for. In our speed bag platform reviews, we tried to make your job easier and chose best speed bag platforms from different price ranges.

Some Words On Speed Bag Platform Mounting

Setting up speed bag platforms all by yourself can be a tough job. There is a chance you might hurt yourself or damage the platform on the process. It is recommended you use help from at least one person. Setting up isn’t a rocket science but you might need necessary gears. You have to make sure you use proper fasteners. Also, screws and bolts are different for wood studs and concrete walls. If you don’t want the hassle, best you call up a professional for that job.

Wrapping It Up

Some might wonder that platforms usually cost more than the primary equipment, the bag itself. Well, that should not come as a surprise as your workout performance depends on the stability of the platform. If you settle for cheaply made platforms, it won’t be long before you break the platform and lose your money.

High performing speed bag platforms can be a little pricey, but they tend to last for a long time. Ultimately, they will provide you with a better return on investment than cheaper ones.

We have reviewed different types though, from cheap to pricey, high quality to ‘okay’ quality, fixed to portable speed bag options. But one thing is common they are among the best speed platforms on the market now. Hopefully, this list will help you with the option you’ve been looking for.

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