Punching Bag Workout | Conditioning & Training Tips

Who on this earth does not dream of a ripped body? Men and Women, young and aged, everyone does.

If you have already started gym-training, you know that important part of your gym training is punching bag workout. Why is it important? Because it builds up strength from the core and a full body workout is ensured. If you cannot manage yourself to go gym then no need to worry. Buy a punching bag with other gears at your home, start training.

Unlike the tradition where only the boxers and mixed martial art fighters used to hit and kick on a punching bag, these days almost everyone- who are gym rat goes to the gym. Those who are aware of their fitness, use a punching bag to build muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina and to burn extra calories.

In this article, we will try to break down an outline for a beginner as well as for a pro about punching bag workout. Thus, you can easily incorporate this workout into your daily routine. 

What Is A Punching Bag?

It is a bag filled with different materials (i.e. grain, sands, rag etc.), which is hung from a frame or affixed to a stand and it is hit for boxing practice and regular workout. Some bags have internal bladders to allow them to be filled with water or air.

Types Of Punching Bag

Various types and styles of punching bag are available based on the intensity and different training objectives.

  • Heavy bags: The most basic type of punching bag is a heavy bag. It is available in both hanging and standing varieties. Hanging bag workout is effective to develop power & technique.  Hanging heavy bag is used not only for punching but also for the kickboxing and knee strikes. As for standing bags- although this kind serves some of the purposes of hanging bags, it is used for ground-and-pound practice. 
  • Speed bags: This kind of bag is small, generally filled with air and anchored on the ceilings or wall so that it does not move easily. Speed punching bag workout is suitable for fast punching and quick workout.  Speed bags improve the hand-eye combination, the speed, and the rhythm.
  • Uppercut bags: You can say, uppercut bags are just the small version of the heavy bag. This bag is placed horizontally to practice at the waist level.
  • Double-ended bags: The size of this kind of bag is almost like a basketball. It is strung between the ceiling and floor. When it is hit, it snaps back quickly and acts like as if an opponent hit it. It develops counter-striking ability.
  • Maize bags: Some call it as slip bag, is usually used for the boxing training to improve the head motion.

To buy the appropriate bag, first set your training goals or workout type, thus you can choose the right punching bag for you.

What Is A Punching Bag Workout?

Punching bag workout revolves around hitting/punching and kicking a punching bag according to the order. Nowadays it is one of the most popular workouts within the age range from young to middle-aged. Hitting and punching a bag results in burning calories and losing weight. Additionally, it will gift you a muscular body.

How To Use Punching Bag In Your Workout?

For the gym goers who are using a different gym or machine can add punching bag workout in their workout routine.  The interesting fact is one can entirely depend only on a punching bag for his/her overall fitness. So, you can do that at your home too. 

For a beginner, we suggest not to forget to have an appointment with a general physician to be informed of your health condition before beginning punching bag workout.

How Good Is Punching Bag Workout?

Punching bag workout brings you immense benefits. Using a punching bag for your workouts not only help muscle growth but also facilitate a high-intensity level of cardio exercise. It also helps release stress and provides power. 

Punching Bag Workout Equipment

Punching bag workout does not cost you much. And it only needs a little space. A few gears will be enough for you i.e. boxing gloves, and hand wraps.  Try to make sure to buy high-quality gears which will help you to perform better and consistently with the lesser possibility to get injured.  

Punching Bag Workout Routine

You just cannot buy a punching bag and start punching or hitting whenever and however you want without following the rules and order. If you do so you are risking yourself of injury. So, fix up a routine first. If you are a beginner, then the very first step is to learn basic punches i.e. jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks on a heavy bag.  A beginner should settle a structured training routine to touch the expected goal.

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Punching Bag Workout For Beginners

Most of the fitness trainers suggest starting with heavy punching bag workout for a beginner who is about to begin his Punching workout. So, after wrapping your hands and grabbing the gloves, you are fully ready to go on.

If you are gym goers then you should get instruction from a trained professional to perfect your basic punch first. If you are planning to workout at your home, then search YouTube or you can install a punching bag workout app on your phone. Do not forget to do a shadow punching practice in front a mirror first.  Sounds funny, but it is incredible!

So, your basic punching bag workout may have the following order of punches-

  • Right & Left Jab
  • Cross right & left
  • Right & left uppercut
  • Right & left hook

Try to add your feet, knees, and elbows and master some of the basic kicks. These will involve your full body in the workout. You should learn:

  • Front kick
  • Roundhouse
  • Side Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Sweep Kick

You can continue circuit style training. You fix the number of punch or kick you will perform. Then move one after another completing each set number of hits.

Workouts To Do With A Punching Bag

Punching bag workout allows you to fulfill various objectives which are achieved via diverse style.  Goals and objective always vary from individual to individual. Some are following.

  • Punching bag especially heavy bag punching drills have always been used to improve overall martial art conditioning and to improve the punching power. You may fancy watching Bruce Lee’s Karate class. Punching drills and kickboxing workout have been an integral part.
  • Heavy bag workout has always been great and inevitable for the boxer.  To attain the power and accuracy there is no alternative than a heavy bag. So, run after to be the next ‘Mohammad Ali'!!!
  • Punching bag is powerful upper body workout. It does build and tone upper body muscles. Through power punching, you can build muscle in the shoulder, arms, and back. Anybody can consider that it is the best arm workout too.
  • Many people who are worried about their extra body fat or belly fat, they chose punching bag ab workout to lose the body fat which will burn enough calories. So, punch and build your abs too.
  • Hitting and punching bag not only facilitates fat burning but also an effective cardio workout. It improves an intense level of cardio.

Punching Bag Workout Benefit

Punching bag workout results in enormous benefit! There are many reasons why punching bag workout should remain a part of fitness or workout routine. At least, make this part at your home. Let me mention some of the ‘why’ you should regularly continue this workout.

  • It improves your aerobic fitness because of the act of moving around the bag while frequently changing your body position.
  • It improves coordination while you punching and hitting. Staying your toes and shifting your weight one foot to other help to develop core stability
  • It generates power, which helps to enhance power by developing the body muscle. At the same time, this workout boosts your stamina and endurance.
  • It helps to build body strength and strong bones & ligaments.
  • It builds your confidence and self-esteem. Punching workout releases your stress. Along with, you can develop your self-defense skill. 
  • It improves the metabolism and helps to burn the extra fat and calories quickly. For example, you can burn on average of 500 calories from an hour punching training. So, punch and workout with punching bag for weight loss and get toned!
  • It works on to enhance the physique and shapes out the muscle. If you can stick 30 minutes punching bag workout regularly you are the damn winner!

Tips For Punching Bag Workout

If you can correctly use of hitting a punching bag it surely builds technique & endurance together. Just follow some basic tips.

  • Use hand wrapper and gloves of good quality
  • Warm up before hitting the bag
  • Pay attention
  • Maintain your balance
  • Set your feet when you punch
  • Don’t take long rest between the set of punching
  • Keep moving your feet even when you are not punching
  • Keeps your hands up


We have covered up the A-Z of punching bag workout. Considering the benefits and results you will get from this workout, you can conclude that it is going to be a good workout with a punching bag.

They say, ‘more punch, more fit'.

So, get ahead & start punching!!!

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