How To Use A Speed Bag?

Speed bags have been a big hit in recent years. Especially because of how easy they are to install and use. Punching speed bag has been an iconic picture for boxers for many years now. Whoever thinks of a boxer, a person swinging his fists repeatedly on a speed bag pops into mind. The workout comes with many benefits, improved physique, stamina and eye-hand coordination, stress relief and many more. While having a speed bag can be one of the coolest things, knowing how to use a speed bag properly is vital if you want to reap the benefits of having one.

How To Hang A Speed Bag?

So, you have purchased the ultimate speed bag, and now you need to get started. Before that, you need to hang that thing, just like we’ve seen in the movies. You can use one of three options to hang speed bags, using a wall mount, or a ceiling mount, or a platform. the available space and the place where you want to hang the speed bag will determine which method is more convenient.

The attachment process is simple, but we advise to take help from a professional. Unless you buy a platform, you need to use a wall mount or ceiling mount. First, determine the height you want to hang the speed bag, mark it with a pen. Ideally, the speed bag should hang right in front of your forehead when the process is finished.

After that, put the mount on the wall and use a marker pen to mark the holes according to the screws of the mount. Use drill machine to drill holes on the wall to attach the mounting platform. After drilling the holes, put the mount and start attaching screws. Make sure the fastening is tight, and the mount isn’t wobbling. You can always take help from someone to help you with the mounting.

How To Hit A Speed Bag?

After the mounting is done, it’s time to bring the inner boxer out of you. As we previously said, adjust the height of the speed bag in a way that it stays in front of your forehead. Here are the steps on how to punch a speed bag.

1. Proper Stance: Stand properly, facing completely towards the punching bag. The feet should be placed at the same distance of the shoulder width. You need to stand near of the speed bag so that you don’t have to stretch your arms too much. However, don’t get too close to a point that a returning speed bag can hit you.

2. Machine Gun Punch: There are many punches you can practice with your speed bag. But the most popular and perhaps the most artistic is the machine gun punch. There is a reason behind this name, this technique uses repeated punches in quick succession. You will keep your wrists in a position one after another and drive them in a circular motion. You have to hit the speed bag with the back of your fist. As the bag hits the drum, the fist is going downwards and the second wrist will come forward. This is like paddling of the cycle.

The technique works with your precision and eye-hand coordination rather than your strength. That’s why you don’t need to hit the speed bag with utmost force. Just make sure you keep up the rhythm and increase your stamina on the process. This technique also strengthens your shoulder muscles.

3. Straight Punch With A Cycle Punch: You can combine straight punch with cycle punches. This way, you hit the belly of the speed bag straight with your fist. Your arm will stretch straight towards the bag and hot the middle part. As the speed bag swings, you hit the bag with cycle punch at the third rebound.

There are other punching techniques as well, you can practice cycle punches in different orders. Throw two or three cycle punch with the same wrists, then change the hand.

4. Rocky Balboa Punch: Who can forget the famous speed bag workout scene of Rocky Balboa, right? Well, to get a vibe like rocky, you can practice this special type of punching technique, known as the triplet rhythm. Basically, what he does is letting the bag complete three rebound between fist hitting every time, this technique makes it look like the bag is moving fast.

Hit the speed bag with the fist, let it hit the drum. As it comes back, you lower your wrist but don’t hit it yet. It goes back and comes for another rebound, and you put your fist up and hit the exact spot you hit before. Make sure you learn the trajectory of the bag, otherwise you will make shaky punches and get frustrated as a result.

5. Move Your Body: After you get habituated with stand-punching, you can move your body around the speed bag. Use your right fist to hit the bag, while keeping your right leg in front. Do the same for left fist. Also, go circular motion around the bag to get a feel of the real fighting scenario.

Speed Bag Tips For The Users

1. Stand nearby to the bag, so that you don’t have to extend your arms fully. As the bag is situated lightly above, stretching arms might cause strain.

2. The speed bag training is intended to improve your reflex, muscle strength and coordination. You do not need to hit the bag with extreme power in order to achieve that.

3. Hit with one hand at a time. Use the palms to get hang of the bags trajectory if you are a beginner.

4. Wear hand wraps, inner or training gloves before you start serious training.

5. Make sure you don’t stand too close or get distracted while hitting the bag. You don’t want a returning bag hit your face.

Wrapping It Up

If you don’t know how to use a speed bag, rest assured. Because it doesn’t come with a long learning curve. Learning the techniques don’t take when it comes to speed bag training. What takes time is the stamina and endurance to continue punching without interruption. However, don’t worry, even Rocky had to start from somewhere. If you are patient enough to stick to the right punching techniques, you’ll get to the hall of expertise eventually.

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