7 Awesome Speed Bag Benefits To Get You Started Today

All speed bags are made for punching. However, not all punching bags are speed bags. The speed bag offers a different kind of workout, with different priorities. While the heavy bag is intended to increase the strength of the user, speed bags work more closely with the speed, coordination, and endurance of the user. Speed bag benefits are equally rewarding to professional and non-professional users. In this article, we will discuss what does a speed bag do to your body and its impressive benefits.

Why Use A Speed Bag?

1. Faster Punches

If you have seen videos of Bruce Lee punching at an insane speed, you know how much slower we can be at the beginning. When you start practicing, your hands will feel like stones that don’t want to move, and muscle cramp follows the way.

But for boxers, quick hand movement is crucial. For instance, it will keep your opponent busy and help you protect himself from his attack. A couple of quick punches can throw your opponent off balance.

Obviously putting power behind the punches is important but waiting to land one big punch is not a good course of action while being vulnerable to attacks. It’s always better to prioritize speed over strength, especially in boxing.

Speed bags allow you to practice punches quickly and that too with a constant power. In a boxing match, most of the punches are medium to small punches, and if you want to go big often, you’ll get tired quickly. Spend ample time with your speed bags, and you’ll be able to keep the opponent busy while preserving your strength for the right moment.

2. Helps With The Defense

What is the basic boxing guard? No, it’s not headgear we’re talking about. The first line of defense against your opponent is your hands. Keeping the fists in front your face will save you from the punches as well as frustrate your opponent. This position allows two benefits, you can protect your head (and your face) and go from defense to throwing punches instantly when you see the chance.

This is the situation where most beginners fail. They simply forget to keep their guard up or become unable to do so due to lack of strength on the shoulders. This opens them up, makes them vulnerable. Another result is slow punches as they have to lift the hands all the way up. This takes up much of the energy.

With proper speed bag workouts, you’ll develop a habit of keeping your fists up during the match. This will strengthen up your shoulders too.

3. Eye-Hand Co-Ordination

In a competitive game where the opponent is continuously moving, you need to keep your eye-hand coordination at the peak. Speed bags are relatively small, usually from 8×5 to 13×10 inches. The bag resembles the human head. By continuous practice, you reflex and eye-body synchronization will get better. You’ll be able to target any specific area of your opponent’s body and quickly reach to that spot. Also, the quickly moving speed bag will improve your reflex. So, you’ll learn how to deal with an opponent who is continuously moving.

4. Great Workout, Increased Stamina

What is the speed bag for? The speed bag workout benefits the user in two ways. First, it’s a good upper body workout, the lower body gets a fair share of workout too. You have to keep your chin up and throw punches higher than your height. This exercise tones up your arm muscles and shoulders. It will help you get read of body fats.

Also, it is a high-intensity cardio workout that requires a lot of strength and breath. The way you move increases your heart rate and intake of oxygen with each breath. The longer you are able to keep up this streak, the more stamina you’ll grow. One of the main challenges that come with fighting matches is keeping up your strength for a long time. Most of the time the winner comes victorious for the fact that he was able to keep his strength. With punching speed bag practices, you’ll be able to increase your stamina over time.

5. Great Home Exercise Equipment, Risk-Free

The thing that tempts most of the domestic, nonprofessional users is how low-cost and easy the speed bag is to purchase and install. You can set it up on your lawn, garage or even inside your house. Nothing is more convenient than having a speed bag platform near your house to throw punches every time you get the chance. You can simply use it as an exercise tool.

It has far less risk of getting injured compared to heavy punching bags. Often, heavy punching bags come with hard surfaces suitable for professionals. Punching them without gloves might come with consequences. As the speed bag is filled with air, you will be able to use it with bare fists. Maybe it’ll hurt a little, but it won’t injure you.

6. Footwork

Although speed bag includes mainly upper body workout, the role of footwork cannot be denied. A firm stance on the ground will give you more control over your punches. Also, as the speed bag keeps moving, you can also move around it like you’re fighting a real-life opponent.

Also, as the bag is set up higher than your eye level, you need to keep your eyes up all the time. This is the skill a new boxer needs to learn. Often, they lower their eyes when trying to keep the chin down. That is a big risk as that opens them up for hooks and jabs.

7. Not Blinking

This might sound funny, but anyone who has been in the ring knows how true the problem is. Beginner boxers have a natural tendency to close their eyes when a punch is coming towards their face. It’s an error and can be vital in determining the game. By working closely with speed bag, this tendency will disappear over time.

Wrapping it Up

Speed bag exercises are vital for professional boxers. But the speed bag benefits extend to nonprofessional users too. After a long tiring day, you can always vent off your pressure and have a good workout with speed bag. As the workouts benefit both body (muscle toning) and brain (reflex, coordination), you’ll find your daily activities are getting done with more efficacy.

Just remember, if you are just starting out, go slow with the workouts or practice time. Let your body adapt to the new schedule. Make sure you don’t catch up any muscle strain due to rushing towards excellence. Always warm-up before and after the workouts. If you are patient, hopefully, you’ll be able to reap the benefits within a short time.

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