Best Speed Bags Reviews 2020

Boxing is the most popular form of martial arts and people who don’t know well about martial arts at least know about boxing. It’s not rare to see boxing enthusiasts have speed bag platform mounted in their garage and they’re making use of that. There is no other scene can represent boxing better than a speed bag being punched.

Aside from professional use, a bag can also be used to develop strength, rhythm, and stamina. It’s one of the popular forms of upper body workouts. Finding the best speed bags that fulfill your requirement is the key to achieve these feats.

Best Speed Bags Comparison Chart




Shell Material

Bladder Material



Pro Impact




Genuine leather


Triple reinforced seams and loop.




Genuine leather


Cheap, Lightweight.

Ringside Cleto Reyes




Genuine leather


Triple reinforced seams and loop, Color variations.

Balazs Lazer





Genuine leather



 No laces, No welting, Kevlar triple stitched loop.

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced





Genuine leather

Butyl rubber

Gyro Balanced manufacturing, Reinforced seams and lacing

Best Speed Bags Reviews

1. Pro Impact Speed Bag

Pro Impact speed bag comes for all types of users with three sizes, 5"x7", 6"x9" and 7"x10" sizes. The first size is extra small, intended for professional users who know how to deal is small moving targets. This bag delivers a rebound faster than the eye can move. The next size, which is known as small size, is also for users who have built a substantial skill base. The last one is medium sized, apt for intermediate to beginner users.

So, what makes this bag the best speed bag to buy? For us, it’s the really tough material used for the construction. You’ll feel an immediate confidence as you hold the genuine leather bag. Also, you’ll find the seams welted so that there is no leakage of air. The pear shape of the bag will always deliver you a balanced rebound.


1. Made of 100% genuine leather of highest quality.

2. The bladder is made of heavy-duty latex so that the rebound is accurate and balanced. The latex bladder also makes sure there’s no deflation anytime sooner.

3. The Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag is pear-shaped, which means beefy at the lower middle part. This structure presents you an easy target, accurate punching opportunity, and accurate rebound.

4. The seams and loops are triple reinforced so that no matter how much you hit it, it can take the beating.


1. Comes with three sizes for professional to intermediate players.

2. The genuine leather will last for a long time, making it a good purchase for the money.

3. Pear-shaped design that is preferred by professionals.

4. Justified price considering the build and durability.


1. Too small, or fast for complete beginners.

Note: There’s a cheaper version of the Pro Impact Speed Bag with similar features. The only thing that sets Pro Impact Durahide Speedbag apart from its sibling is the outer shell material. The Durahide material might not outdo genuine leather, but this synthetic leather version can go a long way without losing its shape. And, guess what, the model is significantly cheaper too, making it the best speed bag for beginners until they figure things out.

2. Everlast Speed Bag Review

Everlast is one of the most popular manufacturers of martial arts equipment. This bag is one of their finest products, but not intended for professional users. Beginners to intermediate users will find the price, size, and construction of this bag rather convenient.

Everlast bag is made of high-grade leather, which is stitched together with reinforced seams. This makes the bag long-lasting. The inner shell is made of stretchy rubber material. The rubber makes the shell lightweight, but that’s also the reason the bag might deflate sooner rather than later. With an air pump at your disposal, pumping the ball shouldn’t be a hassle, but be careful not to over pump it.


1. Comes with medium to bigger sizes, sizes range from 9" x 6" to 10" x 7".

2. Quality leather, equipped with rubber bladder delivers proper rebound.

3. Accurately shaped for proper balance.


1. Cheap speed bag, suitable for beginner to intermediate users to be habituated with speed punching.

2.  Well stitched seams for durability.

3. Comes with a hook to attach it with the drum.


1. Tend to deflate sooner than other models. However, considering the price and how easy it is to pump Everlast elite speed bag, we’d say it’s a good deal.

3. Ringside Speed Bag

Ringside is considered by many the best speed bag brand, and the majority credit goes to the Cleto Reyes model. Not a typical cheaply priced and constructed speed bag, rather each bag is handcrafted with the utmost care and maintaining top quality.

So, what sets Cleto Reyes apart? First, the leather and nylon lining that gives this product a long life-cycle. The outer part of this bag is made of genuine leather, not synthetic materials that’ll tear apart after some time. The leather is joined by triple stitched nylon thread. Which, despite all the challenges you’ll throw towards it, will remain intact.

The inner bladder is made of rubber. Typically, it would have caused a deflation over time. However, real users seem to have no problem of that kind due to the airtight shell. So, you’ll only reap the benefits not drawbacks, which is lightweight, balanced and accurate rebound.

The Ringside Cleto Reyes speed bag comes with 4 sizes. Extra small, small, medium and big. You have quite some options to choose from depending on your skill and experience level.


1. Made of rubber inner shell which is covered by genuine leather, triple stitched by reinforced nylon.

2. Comes in 4 sizes for all types of users from beginner to professional.

3. The combination of rubber bladder and leather makes sure the bag is balanced, accurate and delivers appropriate rebound.


1. Three color options to choose from. Red, black and Mexican flag design (you’ve read it right).

2. The manufacturers provide additional bladder with the package.

3. Tear shaped construction for easy targeting and practice.


1. The loop is thick, which may need a thinner swivel.

4. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

The Balazs speed bag isn’t your ordinary speed bag, not in quality, not in design. At the first sight, you’ll notice that the leather is smooth grained. Which adds an extra appeal to the look. The bag is lace-free with no welting. This was a mindful decision from the manufacturers to increase the quality of the bag. Kevlar reinforcements on the loop prevent the bag from wear and tear, and you’ll be benefited from the long life-cycle.

Speaking of materials, the inner part AKA the bladder is made of rubber. But it is not like traditional bladders that pop out after a period. Rather, this is an air chamber that retains the structure no matter how roughly you use it. Of course, you have to pump air on it from time to time, but one thing is sure, it won’t deform easily.

The bag comes with four suitable sizes, making sure there is one for users of any skill level. The sizes are 5” X 8”, 6” X 9”, 7” X 10”, and 8” X 11”. A beginner will start with the bigger version and users can move to smaller versions depending on their skill level. The smallest version is extremely fast, offering quite a challenge worthy of professional users.


1. Made of soft grain smooth leather, forgiving to the fists.

2.  Welt-less design with same sized, engraved production panels.

3. Usually, manufacturers use inconstant sized panels and attach them with welt. Balazs made the panels same sized for a more hittable surface.

4. Comes with 4 sizes, known as the Peanut, Sonic, Jet. and Rocket. The best speed bag for the money.

5. The seam is Kevlar, properly centered, double layered, triple stitched for durability.

6. Since there are no laces, the air chamber never pops out and needed to be replaced.


1. Smooth and forgiving to your hands, yet not slippery.

2. Consists of symmetrical leather panels with a valve at the middle.

3. No side panel valve so the bag won't wobble or deform.

4. Die-stamped panels for comfort and consistency.

5. No short or long necks, a textbook tear shaped speed bag.


1. No color variations. But what can beat the classic black, right?

5. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Among all the brands, TITLE probably has the most number of speed bag models at its collection. However, the TITLE speed bag review assessment shows that the Gyro is the best one considering price point and features. The bag is made of high-quality soft-grained leather. The leather panels are put together with reinforced stitching and lacing so that it doesn’t deform until you reap a great value for the money.

Inside the shell, the bladder is made of butyl rubber, the kind of rubber that is lightweight. Yet, this strong material retains the air effectively no matter how much you hit it. The bladder brings an internal balance which provides a beefy hitting surface and rebound for the user.

What noteworthy of this particular speed bag is the “Gyro Balanced Manufacturing”. The bladder and shell come with ultra-precise spacing, which prevents the bladder from popping up.


1. Made from soft leather and butyl rubber for rapid rebound.

2. Comes with four different sizes, XS (4" x 7"), S (5" x 8"), M (6" x 9"), L (7" x 10").

3. Triple reinforced seams and lacing for durable performance.


1. Gyro Balanced Manufacturing to prevent accidental popping up.

2. Suitable sizes for people with all skill levels.

3. Distinct interior balancing for a satisfactory experience.


1. Doesn’t come with color variations.

Best Speed Bags Buying Guide

1. Size

This is one of the most important issues when purchasing speed bags. Depending on the skill, requirement and training purpose. The best speed bag size can be different from person to person. Speed bags usually come in three sizes, small, medium and large. However, the categories are defined by the brands, meaning a speed bag size categorized as small can be categorized as medium-sized by another brand. That’s why, it’s important to keep the actual measurement in mind, not categories by manufacturers.

General Sizes

  • Large Size: 13x10, 12x10, 11x8 inches
  • Medium Size: 10x7, 9x6 inches
  • Small Size: 8x5, 7x4, 6.5x4 inches

The smaller the ball, the faster it moves. This helps with the reflex, eye-hand coordination and making your punches quicker. As the size increases, the weight and the strength needed to punch it increases. This helps with building up strength, endurance and punching power.

Usually, novice and intermediate players are recommended to start with big and medium sizes. As the small bags move so fast that is difficult to track with bare eyes, they might find it difficult to keep a rhythm.

If you are a casual user and just want to have a good workout, we suggest you go with a bigger one. If you are a professional trying to improve your game, have both to reap their distinctive benefits.

2. Shape

Speed bags don’t come with one shape for all code. Thanks to the manufacturers, there are different shapes available, and they have an impact on your practice and growth. The most popular shape is the “Tear Drop” shape, just not that small. It looks like a big tear drop where the middle part is inflated for punching. There are other shapes like banana shape. They are usually narrower and work with precision and eye-hand coordination. This shape is also known as the “Mexican Style” speed bag.

3. Materials

Usually, a speed bag is constructed of two important parts. The shell and the inner bladder. Depending on your requirement, you can choose how resisting the bag can be. Since materials determine how durable, effective and costly your speed bag would be, having the best speed bags for the money is the course of action.

  • Shell

The shell or cage of the speed bag can be made of leathers, polyurethane or other synthetic materials. There’s no doubt leather is the best of them. It goes easy on the fists while delivering necessary resistance. Leather bags also lasts longer. On the other hand, polyurethane and other synthetic materials come with a lower cost. So, if you have budget restraints, you can go with them for the time being.

  • Bladder

This part is also known as the inner part of the speed bag. The bladder can be made of different materials and the softness and bag movement depend on them. Latex is the most popular bladder material in terms of comfort and lightness. However, it may have some issue with retaining the air. Rubber bladders are the best of retaining air, but they are heavier. Cheaper models also come with a plastic inner part. They are the heaviest, also not pleasing for the hands.

  • Stitching And Loop

The speed bag doesn’t come in a single piece. Basically, it consists of multiple panels stitched together. Thus, stitching is the weakest point from a structural angle. The stitching of a top speed bag should be reinforced to take serious beatings. Good brands come with double, triple layers of stitches to prevent the bladder from popping out.

The stitching at the top side of a speed bag is known as the loop. The loop faces most stress at it is connected with the anchor point. The loop should especially be well stitched if you don’t want it to wear and tear when throwing continuous punches.

  • Welting

Usually, the panels attached together to make the outer shell don’t come in uniform sizes. The spots where the pieces were joined together contain for bulging, and welting is done in these spots. As the welting tightly lock the shells and prevent the air from coming out, it should be reinforced.

However, too much welting causes the ball to act unpredictably. It can recoil and rebound in a strange way, making it difficult for the user to hit with a rhythm. Good speed bags have minimal yet strong welting. Some bags even come in welt-less structure to deliver perfect balance.

  • Platform And Swivel

Usually, speed bags are hung vertically, with the ceiling or a platform. Those who have facilities, hang the speed bag from a wooden board attached to the ceiling. The wooden board is known as the drum. Other times, an independent platform is used to hang the bags. If you need to use a platform for your speed bag, you can check if one’s included with the package. If not, you can buy one separately.

Swivel is the connection between the drum and the ball. Swivel lets the ball move freely. There are many types of swivels, but two of them are the most popular. Ball hook swivel and the Chain-link swivel. The ball hook swivel is noisy but rebounds quite quickly. Chain link swivels come with a link that attaches with the speed bag loop. Attaching them can be a challenge, but most of the gyms opt them because they have a faster rebound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Speed Bags For?

What are speed bags good for? Unless you know that clearly, it’ll be an impulsive purchase with no proper use. Usually, speed bags are purchased by professionals and non-professionals for upper body workout. However, it’s not just workout speed bags are intended for. They help you relieve stress, tone muscle, improve shoulder energy. As you continue your journey with speed bag, your stamina will increase and reflex will get better. Also, the movement of the ball helps with improving eye-body harmonization.

Should I Get A Speed Bag Or A Heavy Bag?

Well, it’s not rare for professionals to use both. Although both serve some common purpose such as improving stamina and endurance, there are some basic differences. For example, heavy bags are usually larger and heavier. You can punch, kick and try to dodge the bag. This way you will be doing a full body workout. As the bag rebounds, you need to be cautious so that you don’t get injured. Body opponent heavy bags emulate the structure of an opponent to work with accuracy.

Speed bags are generally intended for upper body workout. It doesn’t have much to do with footwork. However, it helps improve concentration, reflex, and precision.

How High Should A Speed Bag Be?

That depends on your convenience and often, the popular belief influences you. Some say it should be in front of the chin so that you don’t have to look higher. Some say it should be higher, in line with your forehead, so that you have to look up and lift your arms high.

However, we suggest you strike a balance and keep the bag in front of your nose. Obviously, if you want to work on your shoulder strength, you should hang it higher. The best option is to purchase an adjustable platform. This way, multiple people can use the bag, and you can adjust the setting as per your requirements.

What Muscles Do Speed Bags Work?

The speed bag workout works with various upper body muscles. Although the main objective is to improve coordination, reflex, and stamina, it tones up several muscle areas of your body in the process. It generally works with upper body, shoulders, triceps, and lats to be more specific. Practicing continuous punches with your speed bag is a good way to improve shoulder energy to keep your fists high during a boxing match.

Should I Use Gloves When Working A Speed Bag?

Well, you can. But it’s not those heavy boxing gloves of 10oz, 16oz we’re talking about. This is not a heavy bag and you can’t really injure yourself with the speed bag. The best type of speed bag practice is with bare hands. You can use hand wraps or thin gloves if you want to.

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