Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers

Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers 2020

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All bowling ball players know there’s no fixed strategy in bowling. Depending on the lane condition and form, players might switch between tactics. While intense pin action done by a curved shot is a treat for the eyes, it’s not always a good approach on drier lanes.

Straight shooting enables the players to cope with annoying 7 and 10 pin corners. All you need is well practiced, accurate shot, and obviously, the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

Best Bowling Ball For Straight Throw Comparison Chart






Size (Pounds)



Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball

Brunswick Lizard Eye



Rubbing and Finishing Compound Single Buff

6– 16

360 Degree Graphics

Globe Viz-A-Ball





360 Degree Globe Like Graphics

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

Motiv Venom Cobra

Top Gear

Sabotage Hybrid Reactive

5500 Grit LSP


Black/Bronze Pearl with Gold/Silver NeoMark Graphics

Storm Mix

Traditional 3-piece

U1S Pearl Urethane

3500-grit Polished



Best Bowling Balls For Straight Bowlers Reviews

Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball Review

Well, we’ve seen globe bowling ball, so how about we see something thrilling and chilling at the same time? The first thing you’ll notice in Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball is a big lizard eye like it’s watching you! The 360 attractive graphic bowling ball can be a nice gift for your loved ones.

The ball is made for any lane conditions, but bear in mind it’s for recreational or occasional users. Those who want to practice straight shooting can opt this ball. Players who are struggling with the 10-pin can improve their game by using this ball.

The coverstock is made of plastic. It might not be as durable as polyester, but it has the right price. The ball has a seam where the two halves meet, and the exterior is rubbed with a compound single buff. The 12-pound ball can be carried easily.

What We Like

  1. Made of quality plastic, and the appearance is breathtaking.
  2. The ball glows under black light.
  3. Bowling straight ball release is made easier.


1. The ball doesn’t come pre-drilled. But with a few bucks, you can get the job done from any pro shop.

Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball Review

How would it feel like to have the world at hand? Well, while that’s not possible, you can at least get the feeling with Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball. Beautifully emulating a globe-like appearance, this bowling can be the best bowling ball for beginners.

However, don’t expect any magic. This is a great beginner ball for those who want to learn straight shot, a great choice for kids as the globe like exterior glows under black light. Coming with several weight options, you should not have a hard time choosing your favorite one.

The coverstock is polyester made and will provide you ample service to be considered a value for the money. It has a seam at the point here both halves of the ball meet. If you are struggling to improve your average gameplay, this Brunswick ball can help you with that.

What We Like

  1. A 360-degree graphics that come with limited editions.
  2. A good choice for beginners or recreational players.
  3. This ball is accurate upon your release and goes straight to the pins.
  4. Comes with various weight options.


  1. If you are looking for a serious hook, this might not be the best choice.
  2. The seam is visible, which impedes the beauty of the gorgeous design.

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball Review

Venom bowling ball reviews around the internet show this is a popular ball among straight throwers. This is the fifth of the famous ‘Venom’ line of bowling balls. Upon looking at the ball, the thing you’ll notice is the attractive outlook. This ball will increase the dignity of your shelf and can be used by both beginner and professional players.

The ball comes with top gear, dual density weight block made of high-quality materials. The coverstock is Sabotage Hybrid Reactive. It would interact well with the lane. 5500 Grit LSP finishing makes the ball so smooth that it can roll over the lane without losing much energy.

The ball is even better than its forerunners. It goes longer and initiates a quicker reaction on the lane. It was mainly designed for lanes with light to medium oil. For better reaction to shocks, you can polish off the grit for a better reaction.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a mid-range arc, but can be used for a straight throw.
  2. Responds well to friction.
  3. Easy to anticipate the movement.
  4. Goes well with two-handed bowlers.


1. Doesn’t come pre-drilled.

Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball Review

This Storm Mix Spare Ball is very cheap and surprisingly long-lasting. It qualifies as a good straight ball thanks to the U1S pearl urethane coverstock, which makes the exterior smooth. The 3-piece core can deliver quite a performance.

This is a ball best used on drier lanes. You can use it as a spare ball. If you are onto practicing straight shots on dry lanes, this is the ball you should choose. The beautiful design will attract any purchaser at once.

The ball has low reactions. So it’ll cover most of the lane without spending too much energy. So you’ll get satisfactory pin action at the end. The 3500-grit polish looks nice and glossy. However, you should clean the ball before any major competitive match.

What We Like

  1. Controlling and guessing the trajectory made easy.
  2. A top performer in super dry lane conditions.
  3. Different weight options for different players.


1. Not a good choice for oily lanes.

How The Best Bowling Balls For Straight Bowlers Are Different?

While searching for straight bowler’s ball, the selection process is rather easy. Usually, choosing a hook ball depends on many factors like RG, rev rate, coverstock, core type etc. As for straight throwers, the main factor to consider is the coverstock.

Those who usually play in heavy oil condition simply need a ball with aggressive coverstock. These balls are flexible and interact with the lane. They can go a great length without any noticeable hook action.

Those who usually play in drier condition, a ball with a pearl, stiff coverstock will suffice. They’ll roll down the lane without losing too much energy and saving it for the pin action.

Bowling Straight Ball Vs Hook

Probably hook type of play has more admirers. The reason is apparent, it’s more pleasing, comes with impressive results. But if you don’t have the expertise to execute it properly, the result will be worse than a noob’s straight shot. Both types of bowling come with their own advantages and limitations.

  • Straight Shot

Bowling straight shots cover the least distance between the bowler and the pins. It is usually chosen by the bowlers who like to make power shots and leave little to guesswork.

  • Straight Shots Are

  1. Throwing strikes with a straight ball is easy to master and has a simpler learning curve.
  2. The trajectory is easier to guess.
  3. But the pins might not fall as expected always.
  • Hook Shot

The more you gain experience, the more you’ll lean towards hook shot. In competitive games and tournaments, you need to score as much as possible, and that’s not possible if you always use straight shots. Hooking the ball and make it go by a curve increases your chance of hitting all pins.

  • Hook Shots Are

  1. More favored by professional players. But they do switch to a straight shot from time to time.
  2. Requires less power but the craft has a tougher learning curve.
  3. Important for competitive games.

Straight Ball Bowling Tips

1. Straight bowling starts with knowing where to stand when bowling a straight ball. Professional straight bowlers stand straight ahead of the lanes, approach by pacing straight to the lane.

2. Keep your eyes on the pins. The elbow should be 90-degree bent, firm, letting the ball move forward in a direct angle.

3. Avoid rotating your arms and fingers to avoid any rotational movement of the ball. Your arm should be strong doesn’t mean the arm should be tightened. Just keep your arms relaxed, and swing the ball forward to release a straight shot.

4. There are three ways you can grip a ball. Conventional, fingertip and semi-fingertip. Straight blowers should opt for conventional grip. You should insert your fingers up to the second joint and keep the other fingers as spread as possible.

5. Keep your body, shoulders, and face aligned with the pins properly and facing toward the pins. As you approach the lane, angle your arms and shoulders lightly depending on which hands (right/left) you use for throwing. This will help you keep the ball in a straight line.

Wrapping It Up

Bowling at a straight line is what you might need to increase your performance. I mean, even hook bowlers do that from time to time. However, you need the best bowling ball for straight bowlers to perfectly implement the shot. These balls are made in a way that prevents additional rotation from them.

Sometimes lane conditions, especially dry lanes require the bowler to play straight shots. Curved shots will not do well due to the lack of oil, so a better approach is going for straight shots. Make sure you practiced well beforehand for this type of situation. Also, make sure your bowling ball is equipped to read your intention when making a straight shot.

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