DIY Glue Gun Crafts

10 Super Fun DIY Glue Gun Crafts

There are hundreds and hundreds of DIY glue gun crafts! From wood crafts to jewelry, from paper crafts to binding designing porcelain, glue guns can be used in myriad number of objects to beautify them, or in some cases, to fix them. Glue gun DIY crafts are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Even people not interested in DIY are getting interested as glue gun life hacks help make their lives much easier.

10 Best Glue Gun Crafts

1. Small Baskets of Rope

You can make colorful tiny baskets with ropes using a glue gun and it’s actually really simple! Firstly, you’ll make a coil of the rope by putting on the table; so that creates the base of the basket. After that, you should curl the ropes upwards, and put each loop over one another.

You’ll use your glue gun to precisely place the adhesive on the ropes. The ropes will easily stick the way you put them with the help of the adhesive, and the loops will be connected together, which finally forms the small basket.

Yes, it is that easy! Colorful ropes are abundant in the market, and you can get few of those to make fine-looking colorful baskets. Even though these are small, the rope baskets are very useful and also very economical.

2. Headbands

Hair is a pretty thing, but it might be irritating sometimes. Only people with long hair will understand that. One time, they’re in front of your eyes covering your vision. At other times, they’re just so messy that you look like obnoxious! But, some people do love long hair as it actually makes them look good. And, to maintain their hair properly, a headband is essential.

Good quality headbands are generally costly. But, when you have fragments of leather and a glue gun, what else do you need?! You will plait the pieces together, and glue them as you do it; so the pieces are twisted around each other. You can give a ponytail structure, or a helical, or even a spiral structure. The glue causes the pieces to stick to each other firmly, and there you have it! A beautiful good-quality headband!

3. Dot Earrings

Don’t have enough money to buy colorful earrings? You don’t have to worry! All you need are simple pins, which you probably use to stick up papers on a board. You can purchase hot glue sticks of different colors. After inserting your color of choice in the glue gun stick, you should carefully place the glue on top of the pins. Leave it like this for a while; the glue will cool down and become hard, so it won’t drip when you wear them. There you go! Now you have colorful and attractive, yet simply-made dot earrings just with the help of your glue gun!


4. DIY Crafts Of Glue Gun On Fabric (Jeans)

It’s not a rare scene that a part of your jeans are torn and your skin can be seen, is it? Some people even wear it as a design nowadays. But, there are others who don’t want that. And for them, glue guns are the best solution, rather than buying a whole new pair of jeans. It won’t renew the jeans completely, but will surely give a unique design.

You need laces which have impressive designs, and are blue or white in color. You need to turn the jeans backwards, and use your hot glue gun to attach the laces on the torn part of your jeans. You should leave it for a few minutes for the glue to cool off and become permanently fixated. Isn’t this a much better alternative than purchasing a new pair of jeans?

5. Clothespin Clothes Holder

It’s always unpleasant to see a room full of clothes scattered all around. Organizing the clothes in a tidier manner is actually more satisfying to the mind. Glue guns provide an easier and cost-effective way to keep your clothes more organized.

You need a rectangular wood block, clothespins, rope, and of course your glue gun. You should measure equal distances in the wood block, and mark them with your marker; this is important as the clothes have to have a certain distance from each other so that they are easily separated.

After that, you have to use the glue gun on the back of the clothespins, and attach them to the marked positions in the wood block. The clothes can be easily stuck on the clothespins. Two ends of a rope can be glued to the back of the block, which helps to put up the block on a nail against the wall. Thus, you can keep your clothes uncluttered without any problems now!

This idea can also be used to design your own key holder or hat stands.

6. Protecting USB Memory Sticks

All of us have once, in our lives, mistakenly dropped or damaged a memory stick, haven’t we? And it’s pretty annoying when important files just vanish once the memory stick dies. Believe it or not, hot glue guns provide a solution to this too!

Yes, I didn’t believe this at first either, but it is one of the proven glue gun uses! It’s not a difficult task either. All memory sticks have covers made of plastic, and also stainless steel (rarely). Although both of these materials provide good protection to the chips inside, glue guns are much better option as it also provides an enhanced water-resistance too.

Basically, you have to remove the covering of the memory stick. Then, you should carefully place the adhesive on the chips themselves, making sure you don’t drop the glue on other stuff. After you’ve covered the chip with the adhesive, let it become cold and tough, which makes the memory stick almost unbreakable, and more watertight.

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7. Stained Glass

Everybody loves looking at stained glass right? They look just so beautiful and artistic, and are very eye-catching. Using glue guns, you can’t create real stained glass, but if you have the artistic mind and skilful hands, you can create a model which looks exactly like an original stained glass with ease using just oil pastels and hot glue guns!

The more colorful you want your image to be, the more colorful glue sticks you will need. You have to use your pencils or pens to give any kind of design you want. You can then combine the oil pastels with your artwork, and use the glue gun to add the finishing touches. The finishing touches are the main task; the better your finishing touch, the more your image will imitate an actual stained glass.

8. Hot Glue Gun Art | Decorating Vases

Glue guns can be very handy in decorating lamps, drawers, pencil boxes, and it’s the most useful in decorating flower vases. You can give your own designs, however way you want it to be. Glue guns are relatively easy to control, and you can carefully draw patterns and shapes.

You can also write using a glue gun. Inserting different colored glue sticks will also help you to give a colorful touch to your creation. Even though it sounds pretty easy, this task takes a lot of effort, concentration, and time. But, once done perfectly, these vases will look totally new and amazing.

9. DIY Glue Gun Phone Case

This is a DIY glue gun craft which has been drawing a lot of attention lately. With the increasing use of smartphones, people want to make their gadgets look more and more eye-catching. Rather than customizing the back cover of the phone, they customize the phone casing, which is much safer and smoother.

Using baking paper, you’ll have to completely wrap your phone and put it over another baking paper. You should put glue around the edges of the phone. You should also force the adhesive out and line it against the edges of the important parts of the phone, such as the camera, charging port, and the volume buttons.

You can show off your creative skills on the back of the phone, and draw however way you want. Once you’re done, you should let the glue cool down. The glue becomes hard, so a solid casing is made since the glue was applied all around the edges of the phone. And that’s how easily a phone casing is made using glue gun.

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10. DIY Glue Gun Stand

One of the easiest glue gun hacks is making a glue gun stand for your own glue gun! These projects are also called DIY glue gun holder. It’s a very straightforward, yet creative task. You can design your stand anyway you want to, and give your own decorations. But, there’s a specific design which you should follow, so that your glue gun stays firm in one position, and the glue doesn’t scatter all over.

You can use a wood block, and cut it in any shape you like. You’ll be needing clothespins which you’ll stick to the wooden block using the hot glue gun. The clothespins should be distanced in such a way that the glue gun fits properly. Wooden dowels should also be fixed on the block, which will keep the glue gun from falling sideways. This is a very easy way to make your own glue gun stand rather than buying one, which saves a lot of money.

For more cool ideas, you can check this awesome video.


Glue guns aren’t only meant to be sticking things together, as their name suggest. They are also used to make gorgeous designs and also help in making useful things at low cost. Glue gun hacks and DIYs have become a popular pastime for children and even adults nowadays. It boosts creativity, sense of self-accomplishment and It’s better sitting in front of television screen for hours, won’t you admit?

These ten DIY glue gun crafts are just some of the millions of glue gun arts and crafts work around the world. Glue guns are becoming essentially popular, and I’m sure, in a few years’ time, they will be a part and parcel of everyone’s life.

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