Best Bodyboarding Fins And Bodyboarding Accessories

While some of us can be really comfortable in the water, our body is basically made for dry land. So, there is only so much power and propelling you can generate with your feet when you are on the water. However, when you are out in the sea bodyboarding, things like fins can give you the necessary thrust to reach ahead of the wave. However, you need the best bodyboarding fins for that because the difference is huge.

Fins aren’t the only things that can give you an edge in bodyboarding. Aside from a quality bodyboard, you’ll be needing a leash, bodyboarding wax, a backpack to keep it safe and wetsuit to wear. They aren’t so pricey that’ll hurt your pocket, and with a careful analysis, you can find the best bodyboarding accessories at the right price. We’ll try to help you with that.

Benefits Of Bodyboarding Fins

You might be wondering how bodyboarding fins can benefit you that your feet can’t. Let’s see how boogie boarding fins can enhance our experience.

1. Increase In Speed: Unless you have flipper feet like Phelps, you cannot expect to go fast on the water with your bare foot, naturally. You do not have a solid base to stand on or push, and you have to work against the wave. The extra speed and push you get from fins will help you catch as many waves as possible and reach in front of them.

2. You’ll Be In Control: Perhaps even the best of us experience it. The sea can change its course and leave us tossing between the waves. While it’s fun and a bit of adrenaline rush, the real fun begins while you’re in control. With bodyboarding fins, you can decide which wave to ride, how and when to reach it.

3. You’ll Work Your Way Up: It’s advised not to ride bigger waves if you’re just starting bodyboarding. You have to learn the basics first and work with waves that are manageable. However, as soon as you gain enough experience, those little waves won’t be enough, even challenging for you. As you start to pave your way towards bigger waves, you need acceleration to stay ahead of it. Without the help of fins, your feet won’t be enough and you’ll lose control to the waves.

4. It Increases Fun: If we didn’t want to experience the fun first hand, we would have probably enjoyed watching the sun from the beach. As we are in it for the challenge and thrill, riding little waves with your bare feet won’t be enough for long. To experience the full potential of bodyboarding and learn advanced tricks, you’ll eventually have to turn towards fins.

5. Better Safety: The sea is an unstable entity, and even a small wave can act unpredictably sometimes. You might land on your board hard and damage the board, not to mention your face. You might even lose your bodyboard, have to search for it or come back empty handed. In these scenarios, you’ll be able to swim twice as fast and bring yourself to safety as soon as possible.

Best Boogie Boarding Fins Comparison Chart








DaFin Black Swimfins



Recognized by United States Lifesaving Association

XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium-Large, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.

Churchill Makapuu Swimfins



Patented Dolphin Design

Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large, X-Large

Hydro Tech 2 Ocean

Silicon Based T-Form


Revolutionary T-Form Material, Jet Flush System

Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large, X-Large




Lightweight, Self-Adjusting Foot Pocket

Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large, X-Large

Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins



Gear Bag, Adjustable Straps.


Best Bodyboarding Fins Reviews

1. DaFin Black Swimfins

DaFin comes with a rich history, and an intent to fulfill modern requirements with that. Developed in Hawaii, by legendary Andy Cochran, one of the surfing pioneers, this model has become a bodyboarders favorite. Cochran worked with two fellow watermen to come up with a design that’ll fulfill the need of beach rescuers and bodysurfers. There’s more, DaFin Black Swimfins is the only fin brand recognized by the United States Lifesaving Association, an association of beach and open water rescuers in the United States.


  1. The Dafin fins weigh from 1.3 to 3 pounds, depending on the size.
  2. It comes in 8 different sizes. The Sizes are XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium-Large, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.
  3. Comes with 12 different colors and designs, these fins can be worn in either foot.
  4. The fins float on the water, so there’s little risk of losing them. One of the best fins for bodysurfing.
  5. Made of flexible rubber in the foot area and rigid rubber in the fin area. Soft material protects the feet from blisters.
  6. The company delivers an exclusive size chart.
  • XX-Small (M: 1-2 / W: 2-3.5)
  • X-Small (M: 3-4 / W: 4-5.5)
  • Small (M: 5-6 / W: 6-7.5)
  • Medium (M: 7-8 / W: 8-9.5)
  • Medium-Large (M: 9-10 / W: 10-11.5)
  • Large (M: 11-12 / W: 12-13.5)
  • X-Large (M: 13-14 / W: 14-16)
  • XX-Large (M: 15-16 / W: 16-17.5)


  1. You should order a size up than your regular size, two sizes up if your use socks.

2. Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

Churchill fins are made by professionals, for exclusive use by the professionals. The unique dolphin design that comes with this fin was invented in 1936 and patented afterward. The reason that it was patented because it worked! The fins are a perfect blend of comfort and power.

The rubber that is used as materials has different stiffness in different spots. The rubber that covers the feet is soft and comfortable, while the rubber used in the blade is stiff and hard. The hard rubber delivers ample thrust in the water and helps the rider stay in control.


  1. Patented dolphin design, a mix of functionality and classic shape.
  2. Also helpful for surfboarders as it acts like a skeg.
  3. There are built-in neoprene pads that provide more comfort.
  4. Comes with tethers so that you don’t lose them on the water.  
  5. Suitable to use in different water conditions.
  6. Men’s Shoe Size: Small (5-6.5), Medium (7-8.5), ML (9-10.5), Large (11-12.5), XL (13-14.5)
  7. Women's Shoe Size: Small (6.5-8), Medium (8.5-10), ML (11-12), Large (12.5-14), XL (15-16)


  1. Comes with only one color.

3. Hydro Tech 2 Ocean Swim Fins

Hydro tech 2 is known for its unique material and design. The unique features have been so appreciated that it actually won an Australian award. The fins come with a unique patented V rail design. This design along with the Ergo Blade delivers an astounding kick to thrust ratio.

The design for right and left foot are separately done, keeping natural foot movement in consideration. The round edges in the foot pocket make sure there’s no soreness on the foot. The jet flush system flushes out sand and water effectively.

The most noteworthy feature is the material of the fin, a super soft, groundbreaking silicon material name T-Form. The material has superior flex and comforting features.


  1. Patented V-rail design to get more thrust with less effort.
  2. Soft silicon-based T-Form which makes it comfortable.
  3. Pores in the fin let the sand and water drain quickly.
  4. The design is compatible with the natural movement of your feet.
  5. The Ergo Blade eliminates the chance of ankle/leg twist.
  6. Comes with 5 different attractive color options.


  1. Ideal for speed, not so ideal for long distance swimming sessions.

4. Cressi AGUA SHORT

Cressi has been around for almost 80 years and specializes in water sports equipment, they know their way around bodyboarding fins. Their new AUGA model is shorter than the previous version, but the effectiveness is even better.

Despite having shorter blades, you’ll be able to swim at a great speed thanks to the lightweight nature of the fins. The short blade is made of lightweight, highly reactive materials, so you get better kicking speed without making yourself exhausted.

The fins come with self-adjusting foot pocket, which means they should provide you flexibility as well as comfort. The blade angle and hydrodynamic rails are designed innovatively so that you get an amazing kick to thrust ratio.


  1. Lightweight, easily packable and flexible, Cressi AGUA is your travel-friendly option.
  2. The fins are positively-buoyant, this means they can stay afloat and help to maintain an elevated body position. 
  3. Self-adjusting foot pockets that are forgiving to ankles.
  4. Durable and lightweight blade for powerful and quick kicking.
  5. Comes with 4 different color options.
  6. Cheap bodyboarding fins. While the price is cheap, the quality isn’t.


  1. Some power will be lost because the blades are shorter. However, the lightness makes up for the blade size.

5. Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins

If you are looking forward to a bodyboarding trip, Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins are the best travel fins and can be just what you need. They are lightweight, portable and they come with a travel bag. Some fins can feel weighty even though they are made of light materials, that’s not the case with Seavenger. They are both light and comparatively smaller, which is preferred by many people.

Not only these fins feature well in water, the durable material will allow some distance walking without any strain. The foot pocket is adjustable, so you can wear it with booties or barefoot. This is the best bodyboarding fins for wide feet, that’s because it comes with easy click buckles and adjustable straps.


  1. Soft and comfortable foot pocket with open heel design that can be worn barefoot or with socks.
  2. 16 inches long short fins, lightweight, speedy and mobile.
  3. The dry mesh bag that comes with the package dries quickly, perfect for traveling.
  4. Comes with 9 different color variations.
  5. Sizes available- Men
  • XS/XXS: 1-4
  • S/M: 4.5-8.5
  • L/XL: 9-13

6. Sizes Available- Women

  • XS/XXS: 2-5
  • S/M: 5.5-9.5
  • L/XL: 10-14

7. Sizes Available- Kids

  • XS/XXS: 10-13


  1. The shoes tend to run slightly shorter, so order 1 size up than your regular size.

Best Bodyboarding Fins Buying Guide

  • Materials

The materials that are used in your fins determine how whether it will come off or not, or how long it will last. Generally, quality comes with a higher price tag, but they also last longer, giving a higher value for the money.

Rubber, more specifically natural gum rubber is used as primary material for bodyboarding fins. It is flexible, lasts longer and can stay afloat on the water. There is less chance that the fins will come off.

Sometimes silicon-based materials are used to manufacture boogie boarding fins. These fins are more soft, snug and comfortable fit. However, they usually have a less floating ability, meaning they sink in the water if they come off. However, you can always add a fin saver to your accessories list if you’re worried about your fins being lost.

  • Comfort

This is one of the main factors to consider when you buy bodyboarding fins. You must pay attention to how the fins are featuring against your feet. If they are too tight or awkwardly fit, the fins will rub against your feet, and you might experience cut, soreness and pain.

Your fins should fit properly, neither too tight nor loose. If the fins are tight, blisters will form and you’ll end up continuously thinking about your feet. If this continues, blood circulation towards the feet can hamper and will cause you pins and needles.

If the fins are too loose, then it will move around your feet. It’ll feel like it’s coming off and you won’t be able to generate enough power with each stroke. Loose fitting fins also cause blisters, that’ll because you will be rubbing your feet against the rubber all the time. The worst thing is the fin might come off and you’ll have to search for it instead of enjoying your bodyboarding.

 Fins that are hard is less comfortable but can give you ample power. On the other hand, fins that are soft and comfortable might be less effective. Both have their benefits, you just have to find your priority spot.

Another thing to remember is small pores in the fins. These pores help with the drainage of water, sand and even small rocks.

  • Power

Power is the reason you’re buying a pair of fins, right? The power you can generate with your bare feet is limited. Most of the times it is insufficient to outpower the waves. Having a pair of fins can be the difference between getting caught between rough waves and coming back safely. If you are a professional rider and love to do tricks, you already know how important they can be.

Before buying your ultimate fins, try to analyze how much power they can generate. Bigger fins generate more power, but they are tough to control. The shape of the fins also plays a role in determining how much power you’ll get.

  • Floating

It is an added bonus to have floated fins instead of the ones that sink. Usually, floating rubber is used in the manufacturing of fins and you’ll find the information available on the package or online. Floating is especially helpful if the fins come off the feet.

By floating you shouldn’t expect something that stays above the water like a life jacket or buoy. Because of the property of the materials, rubber fins float near the surface of the water, maybe one or two inches away. If the sea is calm, you should not face any problem finding them. But if the sea is stormy and strong current exists, then it’ll be tough to find those fins.

Many people opt to use fin savers or tethers. They are attached to the heel of the fins and prevent them from going far. If losing your fins is a regular event, you can try using fin savers.

  • Foot Shape Vs Fins

Don’t let it scare you, it’s really not an issue for most people. By foot-shape, we are indicating the foot pocket that comes with the fin. If your feet are too wide or narrow, you should consider that before buying bodyboarding fins. You can use fin socks if your fins are slightly large. 

Most companies come with a fin size chart. The fin size isn’t exactly like shoe size, bear that in mind. The sizes fins are termed to are XS, S, M, ML, L, XL. Companies usually provide a chart that accurately converts shoe sizes into fin sizes.

  • Intended Use

This might sound a little tricky. Well, all of us using fins for bodyboarding purpose. But there’s more to it. What are the functions you’re looking to accomplish by your fins in the water? Are you a prone rider, or drop-knee rider, or a body surfer? Depending on your riding style, the length, width and blade stiffness choices may differ.

For example, if you are a drop-knee rider, then you have to lift one fin to control and maneuver the board. Thus, short and wide fins are preferable instead of long fins. If you are a prone rider, a wide variety of fins work well. You can choose any of the popular bodyboarding fin brands on the market. For bodysurfers, long and narrow fins tend to deliver maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Find The Right Size Of Fins?

Choosing the right size cannot be taken lightly. As we discussed earlier, choosing too loose or too tight fins can hamper your bodyboarding experience. Before ordering your fins online, answer two questions. First, are your feet too wide or narrow? Second, are you considering wearing socks or booties too? Wearing socks will allow looser fin than your regular size.

There is a method to know whether your fins are too tight or loose. If you can insert two of your fingers into the foot pocket (between the fin you’re your foot) after wearing it, then the fin is too loose. If you can’t get any fingers, then it is too tight. If you are able to get one finger, then you got the size just right.

2. What Can I Do If My Shoe Size Is An In-Between Size?

It can happen to any of us. You might order a size, only to find the size doesn’t fit you well. That’s why we recommend buying from reputed brands. These companies usually have after sales service and good customer care. Before you purchase, read about the refund or replacement policy. A reputed brand will be happy to change you the product as they look to maintain their reputation.

If the fins are tight then you can return them. If the fins are slightly tight then you can use socks or botties to get the right fit.

3. How To Put Them On?

Wearing a bodyboarding fin when it is dry is a tough job. That’s because the materials those fins are made of has a lot of surface friction, so has your skin. While trying to put on the rubber or silicone fins, those materials tend to stick to the skin. Thus, you need lubricant or water.

Some fins come pre-lubricated, greased or powdered. So, you can use them right away. Even without the presence of a lubricant, they are easy to put on. Just use some water, make the fins wet and they’ll slip on just fine. However, try to avoid putting fins on the water when the current is strong. Unless you have some sort of fin saver, your fin might get washed away.

4. Where To Buy Bodyboarding Fins?

You can go to bodyboarding shops or retail stores that sells surfing goods. Usually, they are not far from the beach, that means if you are a regular beach goer, you should find them on the way. However, you might face a lack of options, they may not have all the reputed brands in their collection. Sometimes the size you’re looking for might be out of stock.

If you’re sure about your fin size or content to spend some minute evaluating the options, buying from online is a better choice. You won’t run out of options and finding your size won’t be a problem.

try to buy from companies that have a clear after sales policy. Seeing the reviews on Amazon can also be a good indicator of how other users are liking the product.

Bodyboarding Accessories

  • Bodyboard Wax

They are used for better grip, to make sure your body, hands or knees don’t slip off in wet conditions. Riders attempting to do tricks are especially benefitted by the extra grip. They come with two types, one for warmer water and one for colder water (Above or below 60 F).

Best Bodyboarding Wax

1. Double Barrel Surf Wax

This one is suitable for cold water, 64F or colder to be exact. This brand has been particularly popular because aside from delivering great traction, it comes up with a classic coconut perfume fragrance. The fragrance lasts for a long time, so you might even to keep some more around your office or house to remind you of the good time on the sea. The wax is handmade in the USA, California in particular, so you know this good ol’ American product won’t disappoint you.

2. Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax

This Iconic American brand is well known for manufacturing wax for all water temperatures: Cold, Cool, Warm and Tropical. Not only for bodyboarding, you can use the wax for surfing, hockey or other uses. The consistent quality and fragrance it comes with make it ideal as a base. There are four different scents available, Coconut, Strawberry, Grape, and Pineapple. You can choose one of them or order a mixture.

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax - Cold Water Temperature  

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Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax - Cool Water Temperature 

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Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax - Warm Water Temperature 

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Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax - Tropical Water Temperature  

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  • Bodyboard Leashes

Although many bodyboards don’t come with the option to install them, you can always do that manually. The sea is a mysterious place and unexpected things like getting dragged by a current might happen. Wearing a leash will ensure you don’t lose your bodyboard at any point when that happens. Most of the time they come with the bodyboard package. If not, you don’t have to spend big to buy one.

Best Bodyboard Leash

1. BPS STORM' Coiled PREMIUM Body Board Leash

One of the most popular bodyboard wrist leash that comes with many features. For instance, you can put on and take off the leash within seconds, and strong Velcro will ensure the neoprene cuff stays in place. Bodyboard leash placement is made easy because they provide a detailed instruction on that via e-mail.

This boogie board leash attachment comes with an additional leash plug. If you ever need replacing, the extra plug will come in handy. The thermoplastic cord is strong, yet lightweight. The cord stretches to 4’ and tightly coiled to avoid any drag.

2. Own the Wave Coiled PREMIUM Body Board Leash

Slim, strong and lightweight, these are the features of Own the Wave Coiled PREMIUM Body Board Leash. The leash stretches to 4’ to make sure your board stays within your reach. The neoprene cuff keeps your wrist well protected and free of blisters. The strap is adjustable so that you don’t have any problem fitting it.

Like BPS, it also comes with an additional bodyboard leash plug. What amazing is, the confidence manufacturers have on their product. If you do not get what you intended for, you’ll get the product replaced and refunded. So far, people seem to love the colors and design of Own the Wave, so replacing will be at the bottom of your priority list.

3. TAGVO Body Board Leash

TAGVo acts as both bodyboard leash bicep or wrist. The soft padded neoprene material is forgiving for both your wrist and bicep, as long as they size between 10 to 14 inches. The cord is 7mm thick and coiled. This mechanism protects you from being dragged on the water or catching something submerged.

The Velcro is strong and well stitched, so it won’t come off after a period of use. The hidden key pocket and the strong rope make sure the bodyboard bicep leash is well attached and stays durable.

The leash also comes with fin tethers. This is particularly important since fins tend of wash into the ocean. Velcro fasteners keep the fin tethers strong. The double swivel system that comes with the leash is made of stainless steel. It stays rust proof and the double swivel helps when you are moving.

  • Bodyboard Bag

Is having a bag to keep your bodyboard compulsory? No. Is it recommended? Yes! Many time novice bodyboarder keeps the top of their board exposed under the hot sun. Soon, bubble starts to appear and the board also gets deteriorate over time. Using a bag will help carry and keep the bag in top quality.

Best Bodyboard Bag

1. Gul Arica Bodyboard Bag BackPack

This bag is perfect for bodyboarders on the move. While the main compartment has enough space to store two 42 inches bodyboards, the mesh bottom help to drain water. You can keep your wet gears there and leave for drying. There are additional pockets to keep wax, keys and other stuff.

You can carry the bodyboarding bag 2 ways. Either you can use the adjustable shoulder straps or the side carry-handle. The zippers are robust and will stay for a while. While the material and structure resemble a school backpack, the bag is puncture proof and able to withstand minor scratches.

2. Curve Bodyboard Bag

The backpack is also known as Global Padded Travel Backpack. That’s because the 5mm foam inside the bag made it suitable for carrying bodyboards and other goods. The backpack comes with both backpack style shoulder straps that are padded and side carry-handles.

The bag is manufactured of 600D polycanvas cloth, which is water resistant. The zippers are nylon headed and rust proof. There is an external pocket with Velcro closure to keep your keys, fins, and other gears. The external compartment is big and comes with a mesh bottom. There is a 3” panel that goes around the structure of the bag for added strength.

The board dimension is 45.5" in height x 26" in width. Manufacturers say you can easily store one 44 inches bodyboard with 25 inches width, or two 43 inches bodyboards. However, Users have a better experience, as they were able to carry two 44 inches Moorey boogie boards easily.

3. Wave Rebel Body Board Bag

Wave Rebel is already popular for manufacturing quality bodyboards, and their backpack is no exception. Made with a strong PVC backing, this bag is made to maintain its posture in order to protect the board well. Although this is a cheap bodyboard bag, the quality is pretty good. It has good stitching on the straps.

As for carrying, you can use either the side strap or back straps. The front of the bag has a mesh pocket to keep your wet gears. This board can carry two bodyboards of 43 inches length. Some users even carried their 45” boards with ease.

  • Bodyboard Wetsuit

Wetsuits are essential for any activity that involves the sea. They keep you comfortable, insulated and protect your bare skin. There are many types of wetsuits on the market. Users usually take the decision based on the size, zipper type, sleeve style temperature, and materials. Let’s take a look at the different options that are available.

  1. Types: Steamer (Long sleeve long legs), Short sleeve long legs, Short sleeve short legs.
  2. Fastening: Back zip, Front zip, Zip-free.
  3. Materials: Neoprene in different percentage.
  4. The Construction And The Size: Depend on the physique.

Best Bodyboarding Wetsuit

1. Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Voodoo 2.5mm Short Sleeve Fullsuit

Hyperflex is the most popular brand for boogie boarding wetsuit. They’re made of super stretch neoprene that contains a high number of air cells. The air cells maintain insulation and retain body temperature.

The Cocoon-BZ Entry & Closure System allows the rider to wear the suit instantly, while an anti-flush head gusset keeps water out of the suit. The wetsuit also features skin interior lining so that no water can enter through the neck opening. This way you’ll stay warm and can avoid the risk of catching a cold.

The sensitive and vital areas are covered with closed-cell outer mesh skin which is lightweight and insulated, keeping your vitals warm. The seams are sealed with fusion weld liquid tape that forms a strong molecular bond to prevent water from leaking inside. Coming with a wide variety of sizes, you shouldn’t have any hassle finding your right size.

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Voodoo 2.5mm Short Sleeve Fullsuit-

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Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Voodoo 6/5/4mm Hooded Front Zip Fullsuit- 

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2. Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Mens and Women's Sizes

This popular 3mm model is suitable for 65F and above. The shoulder and knee parts are padded for anti-abrasion and added strength, so drop-knee bodyboarding or kneeling on the sand isn’t a risk anymore. Also, there are stretch panels in the armpit and knee area, they are flexible and don’t tear easily.

The flatlock stitching makes it convenient and comfy even you wear it the whole day. The seams lay flat to prevent bulkiness and irritation on the skin. The sporty wetsuit comes with an extra-long zipper, so you can reach it yourself. Worried about the zipper opening up by itself? It won’t, because the suit has a double tap, hook and loop tie down facilities at the collar.

Wrapping It Up

If you are an Animal Planet enthusiast, you must know how effortlessly Dolphins, Seals, and Sharks swim in the water using their fins. While it is not possible for us to turn into fishes, the best we can do is using fins of our own version to glide through waves. As for bodyboarder, fins help them maneuver and have more bite on the water.

As for the bodyboard accessories, they help you adjust with the water and stay ahead in the competition with the waves. These big waves can throw you off balance anytime. But with the help of the gears we reviewed, you can retain control and move your game one step ahead.

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