Best Beach Shoes Reviews 2020

Sand, water, sunshine and gentle breeze, four elements that come with beach walking. As temperature increases in the summer, outdoor activities like surfing, bodyboarding and beach walking takes our leisure time. Beach shoes come as an indispensable part of that. They vary in look, style, and objective. And ultimately the best beach shoes come down to personal preference.

Before, looks weren’t as much important as comfort for this type of footwear. However, with various brands barging the market in style, that’s not the case anymore. There are so many beautiful yet comfy options you can choose from. In this article, we have reviewed the best shoes for beach based on different styles from cheap flipflop to sneakers to water shoes.

​​​​Beach Shoes Reviews

Best Beach Shoes for Men

1. Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes


1. Style, comfort, and drainage, Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes will get full marks on all. They are made from air mesh upper that is durable and breathable, keeping your feet dry and cool.

2. The midsole is made of Solyte which is durable despite being remarkably lightweight. The bottom contains extra perforation to allow quick drying. The sole is thick enough to absorb the shock from walking, running, and exercise. This is one of the best shoes for walking on the beach.

3. The Zhuanglin comes with a great sock liner that keeps the inside of the shoes dry, cool and healthy, along with providing maximum cushioning. The midsole is made in a way that supports your arch, maintaining a natural posture for your body. As the outsole is made from quality rubber, the will provide amazing traction on wet surfaces.

What We Like

1. The Zhuanglin water shoes come in 16 different colors and design, and it will not be easy to determine which one is the most attractive!

2. Open mesh in the upper side allows superior breathability, comfortable sock liner that delivers extra bounce.

3. Made of 90% fabric, the rubber outsole provides great grip on slippery rocks and surfaces.

What Could Be Better?

1. They come with a snug fitting. You should order a size above your regular size for appropriate fitting.

2. Dreamcity Men's Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes


1. Although resembles a tennis shoe, with a tongue and laces, this shoe works exceptionally well as water shoes. The laces allow you to have more control and seamless fit while walking on sand and water.

2. The Dreamcity water shoes are made from 90% fabric and rubber sole. The upper side of the shoes is meshed to allow circulation of air. The thick rubber sole provides great bounce back like an added spring, making it great for athletic and sports activities on the beach.

3. There’s a saying, an ounce on the feet, a pound on the back. Keeping that in mind, Dreamcity made this shoe with Solyte lightweight sole while not compromising things like durability.

4. The shoe has ComforDry sock liner that delivers great cushioning for dry, and healthy shoe environment. The sock liner is removable which increase the hygiene for the user. The perforations on the bottom of the sole aid in quick drainage.

What We Like

1. Sixteen glittering colors and designs to choose from. The best shoes for beach fishing, sports, and other activities.

2. Removable sock liner for better cushioning. The laces help with a tight and secure fit around the feet.

3. Large, square mesh design on the upper side for quick drying and water drainage.

What Could Be Better?

1. Due to the perforations on the bottom, mud tends to get stuck. However, that’s really a small issue as you can easily rinse them up with water.

3. Feetmat Men's Athletic Shoes


1. Looking for cheap beach shoes that’s also a good fit for running, walking and several other uses? Well, Feetmat Men’s Athletic Shoes doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, yet the superior quality made the users praise it. High ratings on Amazon don’t say otherwise.

2. Comes with a super lightweight and breathable upper mesh, which occasionally expands with your feet to give them comfort, more room to move and breathe. The soles are soft, yet not fragile. They can bend with any movement you assign them to.

3. This is one ergonomic shoe. You’ll find the ankle design slightly different than others, providing better arch support. The slip-on ankle design makes putting the shoes on and removing them very easy.

4. The high strength soles are wear resistant, the grooves and patter on the bottom of the shoes deliver anti-skid features. The shoelaces are fashionable and allow a snug fit around the feet. All of these makes it the best shoes for running on the beach.

5. The durable and strong EVA midsole prevents fatigue and aching in long-running and walking sessions. The wear resistant design, non-slip capability, and no jumper status make the shoes durable.

What We Like

1. The best beach running shoes with human body engineering, healthy and ergonomic design. The lightweight nature gives extra freedom while you are running by the shore.

2. The insole and outsole are made keeping shock absorption and comfort in mind. The durable sole allows you to run more than 10 kilometers a day. The tongue and heel prevent your feet from swallowing.

3. Comes with eight beautiful design. You’ll fall in love with the soft woven knitted mesh material in the upper side, which allows breathability and reduce fatigue.

What Could Be Better?

1. Lack of perforations on the bottom might not deliver the ultimate drainage against water. However, shoes that come with that feature often lack strength a running shoe needs. If you are looking for a running shoe for the beach and not water sports, go for it.

Best Water Shoes For Women

1. Zhuanglin Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes


1. The thoughtfulness and the top design that went hand to hand in building these shoes is amazing. It comes with a breathable mesh on the upper while providing one toe seam that stays flat against the feet. This prevents any rough rubbing around your feet that might cause blisters and irritations.

2. The design is lightweight, which makes sure your feet will not be dragged when submerged in the water. The perforation is big enough to allow water to drain quickly while ensuring ample circulation of air.

3. The Solyte midsole absorbs the weight and shock while doing any beach activities. The ComforDry sock liner gives your feet a level of comfort while ensuring a dry, healthy environment. You can remove it if you want.

4. A secure grip and snug fit are must for the best women’s water shoes for beach. Zhuanglin Women’s Water shoes get a distinction mark in these departments. The rubber sole provides adequate grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

What We Like

1. First of all, the options you get. It comes with 25 different design and colors. A plethora of splendors to choose from.

2. Articulated flex grooves provide grip against wet surfaces, while midfoot webbing system allows drainage and breathability. Best shoes for beach hiking.

3. The sock liner provides an additional layer of cushioning, especially for activities like walking, running, and sports.

What Could Be Better

1. The perforations on the sole sometimes allow small rocks and mud to stuck. It’s inevitable since this is a tradeoff for drainage and breathability. However, the good thing is you can rinse, wash and remove them easily.

2. PENGCHENG Water Sports Shoes 


1. PengCheng Water Sports Shoes are suitable for everyone. These unisex water shoes are perfect summer choices for men, women, and toddlers. Since the shoes come in different sizes and colors, it can be a great gift for your loved ones.

2. The upper side is made from quick-drying Lycra materials, which is naturally breathable, quick drying, super comfy and fully textured. The drainage holes allow the water to drain quickly, so you can take part in various water sports without worry.

3. The sole provides high elasticity and anti-slipping character. The thick and durable sole isn’t just fashionable, it also protects the feet from sharp rocks and objects. The shoe comes with both laces and without laces, so you can choose the one you feel comfortable with.

4. Not only for beach uses, this multipurpose shoe can be used for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, surfing, boating, sailing, water sports even yoga.

What We Like

1. Comes with 28 different designs, colors. Shoes with laces and without laces both available.

2. Breathable upper with a beautiful camo design, non-slip rubber soles to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

3. A truly multipurpose shoe for different uses. Can be used by men, women, boys, and girls, just make sure you purchase the right size.

What Could Be Better?

1. Comes with a snug fit, you should order a size higher than your regular size.

Best Water Socks

1. JIASUQI Womens and Mens Summer Outdoor Water Shoes Aqua Socks


1. Water socks are a perfect fit for occasions when you to have a close touch with the surface yet protect the feet up to a level. JIASUQI Summer Outdoor Shoes are unisex aqua shoes that come with minimalist design and necessary features.

2. The materials of this shoes are 92% polyester and 8% spandex Upper. Polyester is a durable yet lightweight material which won’t drag your feet on the water. Spandex allows the shoes becomes stretchy for easy take off and put on features.

3. The soles are unique, specially built for non-slip effect. The sole and smooth neck design prevent chafing and irritating sensation on the feet. The socks are flexible and bendable, just what you want in water activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, and swimming.

4. The shoes come in different sizes from XS to XXXL for both men and women. The skin-touch feel and the ergonomic design makes it the best beach socks to its users.

What We Like

1. Comes with 47 attractive, glittering and beautiful colors. One thing you won’t run out is the versatility of designs come with this brand.

2. A secure and snug fit for walking, playing on the beach and water sports. Blends and attaches with the foot without any uncomfortable feeling.

3. The super lightweight sole comes with anti-slip properties which protect your feet up to a level.

What Could Be Better?

1. The absence of arch support makes it inappropriate for beach running. However, that’s an inseparable trait of water socks.

Best Toddler Beach Shoes

1. JIASUQI Baby Boys and Girls Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes


1. Going for a summer vacation, worrying about suitable shoes for your kids on the beach? JIASUQI Baby Boys and Girls Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes is a great choice for them. Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex Upper, these shoes are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand their mischiefs.

2. The smooth neck design makes it easy for them to take off and put on while staying a snug fit on the feet while they are playing. The stretch fabric upper is breathable and prevents the feet from sweating.

3. This unisex shoe comes with a rubber outsole to protect the feet from sharp objects. The lightweight sole is also slip-resistant on wet surfaces.

What We Like

1. Comes with a whopping 52 different designs. Let your children choose the color and dazzle them with color.

2. Best beach shoes for kids, appropriate for swimming, walking, playing beach sports.

What Could Be Better?

1. Might not be the ultimate durable shoes, but judging the price, they’re ‘good value for the money’ products.

2. Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker


1. What features should the best toddler water shoes contain? For kids, they should be colorful and attractive. For parents, they should be safe, snug fit and have proper drainage and breathability. Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker undoubtedly tops in these departments.

2. The notable thing is perforations all over the shoes. They allow superior breathability and drainage of water while on the beach. No bad odors and molds can start forming thanks to these features.

3. The shoes come with a logoed vamp, rubber toe and contrast toe-cap. The EVA footbed shapes itself with the structure of the feet. When altering women sizes to men’s, go up two sizes.

What We Like

1. Made in the USA with quality and superior build. Comes with 49 attractive colors and design.

2. Easily hand washable and shock absorbent. Shouldn’t be a problem to wash down mud and dirt.

3. PETA approved vegan. The traction outsole provides proper traction on slippery surfaces. Less to worry about kids slipping in wet surfaces.

What Could Be Better

1. Native Shoes come in the whole sizes. However, if you fall between sizes, just choose the next closest size and there shouldn’t be any problem.

Best Beach Sandals For Men

1. Teva Men's Mush II Flip-Flop


1. Beach sandals, also known as flip-flops are the best beach shoes to keep sand out. That’s because the structure is an open structure which immediately removes water or sand. Teva Men's Mush II Flip-Flop is popular with beachgoers especially because of its minimal design, lightweight feature, and durability.

2. The upper is made of canvas/cotton material. When worn, the upper part doesn’t create any irritating sensation to the feet. The Eva foam sole bends easily which makes walking easy and comfy.

3. The Teva flip-flops are cheap beach sandals that don’t come with a hefty price tag. The fabric thong strap that comes with logo tag prevents the sandals from coming off. Grippy traction outsole helps while walking on the wet surface.

What We Like

1. Imported, EVA midsole that comes with dual density for added protection. Great for walking by the beach, party and poolside footwear.

2. Beach ready sandal with minimal design. Immediately clears out sand and water.

3. Flexible and easily molds to your feet. People with high arch shouldn’t experience any issue wearing.

What Are The Shortcomings

1. These are sandals, not appropriate for running, sports or water activities like snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding.

Best Beach Sandals For Women

1. CLARKS Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop


1. Multiple colors, adjustable and snug fit by a closure on the straps, CLARKS Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop is so casual, carefree and cozy. Clarks has been in this business for more than 100 years now, and they know from wisdom, simple is always gorgeous.

2. Made of synthetic materials, these cheap flip-flops are sporty sandals that come with hook and loop straps. The floral print on the footbed increases the beauty even more.

3. Made of soft EVA midsole and footbed, which take shape according to the feet. This lightweight water sandal is supportive to the arch.

What We Like

1. Comes with 15 fun printed design and colors, an absolute attention grabber on the beach.

2. They are the best sandals for beach walking, partying, poolside, or boat riding. No worry about sands getting stuck between your toes.

What Are The Shortcomings

1. The designs start to fade after a period, but that won’t happen right after you buy these sandals. Enjoy the design, use them for the summer and replace them, they’re cheap!!

Best Shoes For Beach Wedding

1. Plaka Flat Summer Sandals for Women Palm Leaf


1. The wedding is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life and holding the ceremony by the beach multiplies the enjoyment. Like other wedding clothing, the shoes also should be elegant. Plaka Flat Summer Sandals for Women Palm Leaf is a beach wedding shoe that fits that bill.

2.  The flats are made in a design that goes any clothing you wear. The straps are colorful, comfy and made of soft nylon to keep the bride’s feet blister free. Also, they can be slightly adjustable for a snug fit.

3. The Plaka sandals are crafted with braided ropes. These ropes are handmade, knitted with ultimate care, making them the best shoes to wear for beach wedding.

4. These lightweight sandals can be carried anywhere. Apart from bridal uses, these sandals can be used for vacation, walking, parties, poolside wading, kayaking. They are waterproof, so use them without worrying about water.

What We Like

1. Twenty beautiful designs to choose from. You will have the utmost chance to match them with your bridal gown.

2. Rubber sole to provide stability and traction on the sand. Braided ropes as straps which go well with bridal fashion.

3. Six different models to choose from. All models are carefully handcrafted on the factory with stretch to fit rope for maximum comfort.

What Are The Shortcomings

1. You might experience some issue with cushioning if you wear it for a really long time. Should not be a problem for bridal use though.

2. Fine Lady Beaded Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals


1. Barefoot sandals are excellent footwear to wear at beach weddings. Bridegrooms who like casual, close to nature wedding many times opt to go barefoot in beach weddings. Footwear like Fine Lady Beaded Sandals adds elegance to the feet while keeping the raw feeling intact.

2. Appropriate for a destination wedding, these barefoot sandals come with a pair, one for each foot. Crafted by Abandon Girl Team, these shoes look like a jewelry worn on the feet.

3. These cheap beach wedding sandals don’t come with costly tags, so you can focus on other expenses while not compromising the style you need in your footwear.

What We Like

1. One size fits all adults; the manufacturers also make them for children too. Comes in four different beautiful designs.

2. The users were satisfied with the durability. Despite being submerged on the water frequently, these sandals didn’t tarnish for a long time.

What Are The Shortcomings?

1. Brides with small feet might find it big, If that happens, what they can do is open and adjust a little bit for the sandals to fit.

Types of Beach Shoes

Beach shoes have mainly three styles. They are Water shoes, Water Sandals, and Water Booties. What sets them apart is their price, objective, protection and waterproofing capability.

1. Water Shoes

The most common type of beach footwear and the best shoes for sand and water. Made of dense rubbers and mesh fabric, they are made to become dry quickly, yet provide necessary protection and traction in a wet surface. Although the shoes are made to ventilate quickly, submerging them for too long into the water can make them heavy.

2. Water Sandals

If traction is not your prime concern, then this type of footwear is the better choice. They come with a design with vents or open sections to remove the water quickly. Sometimes they come with a closed in toes, sometimes just like a sandal. Water sandals have more water resistance than its counterparts. Sandals made for kids sometimes look like sneakers with large perforations to vent water quickly.

3. Water Booties

They are preferred by people who love water sports. They are not very sand friendly and provide little protection against sharp rocks. They look like streamlined rubber sock, and a great option for diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding and skim boarding.

Best Beach Shoes Buying Guide | What to Look For?

1. Materials

Different types of water shoes are made from different materials. Water shoes are made from light yet strong mesh materials, that helps to vent the water quickly and prevent the buildup of moles. Also, the use of mesh increases breathability and stops any irritating sensation of odor.

Water sandals are sometimes made from EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, sometimes from flexible leather and synthetic materials, sometimes just from rubber. These materials show great water resistance and can stay in the water without being heavy.

Water booties are mainly made from neoprene. Neoprene is the material wetsuits are made from. It is very long lasting and stretchy material. Also, it has insulation properties and can retain body temperature. Although not like other types, neoprene can protect your feet from scratches and cuts up to a level. They might tend to hold water and become heavy. However, they are streamlined, meaning they provide little resistance to water, providing velocity and ease of movement, making them a perfect choice for water sports lovers.

2. Sole

The sole provides many functions. Protection, grip, and comfort. This is the part that takes your body weight. So, getting it right is important. Solid, thick sole means it can protect you from sharp objects, rocks, and corals. If you are looking for traction, make sure your beach shoes have treads beneath the sole. Water botties have outsoles too, but they aren’t much effective against rocky terrains, to be honest.

3. Support

Support is an often-overlooked feature of shoes. The best water shoes for beach should also have stellar support. The support should allow the foot to stay in a natural position while standing. Otherwise, it will cause irregular stance which will eventually harm the spine.

Arch support is the most known shoe support. It’s basically a small rising on the insole that helps our arch to rest. The height of this support can be different depending on your structure. Make sure this support is present in your shoes, otherwise your arch will stay in an uneasy position all day, harming the delicate tendons near it.

The materials wrapping your feet is also a part of support. Make sure they are fit snugly when you pull the laces. Proper shoes should support the feet from all angles, upper, sideways, and back.

4. Breathability

A good number of people think water shoes don’t need breathability, because they are staying near, well… water. But that’s not the case. Although water can be a good relief for heat, without breathability, you’ll suffer from wet sensation and bad odors when you’re away from water. It’s also important for your feet as our body has its own heat, and you don’t want them out of the touch of fresh air for a long time.

Breathability and drainage go hand to hand. A water shoe with proper drainage also provides good breathability, as water and air go out by the same path. Shoes with mesh upper builds ensure breathability.

5. Drainage

Beach shoes without drainage? That’s unthinkable. Allowing your beach shoes to let escape water is a critical feature. Whether you are walking, running or partying, you cannot stay clear of water, especially on the beach. Two scenarios can happen, either your shoes allowing them to escape, or it is holding them.

The latter scenario is pathetic. The shoes absorb the water, you lose the sense of traction. Molds start to form and a bad odor comes from your feet and shoes. To avoid this, water shoes come with drainage ports. Some have special drainage channel built up on the midsole. Others are made of mesh materials, which allows easy drainage.

Another overlooked feature is the drainage speed. Some shoes come with a single drainage port, and that might not be enough for quick drainage. Some shoes only focus on mesh upper sole. The rule of the thumb is, as soon as the water leaves your shoes, you’ll regain traction, control, and comfort. So, the lower drainage ports are, the better.

6. Lacing

The lacing system has direct influences on the use of shoes. For example, traditional shoelaces are good for active users, but they are not that suitable for lounging. On the other hand, strap sandals, or water booties are great for beach uses, or poolside parties. But they are not good for running on the beach.

7. Durability

No one like having a torn shoe way before they pay back the investment. Shoes like beach shoes, which comes into constant contact with water, need durability even more. Although the longevity of a pair of shoes is uncertain, there is some factor which can influence this feature.

Inspection is the first way to find any sign of weakness in your shoes. Upon having your shoes for delivery, inspect it thoroughly, with help of your hands and eyes. The common issues shoes confront is weak stitching and gluing. Look for any irregular threading and inadequate sole gluing. The signs of a cheaply made shoes will be evident in the eyes, while the best shoes for beach and water will be put together with superior constituents.

However, remember one thing, even the best brands aren’t completely free of errors. You might find a defective product from a renowned manufacturer. But the difference is they are often honest about their errors and provide excellent after sales service.

8. Use

The best shoes to wear on the beach aren’t some fixed models engraved on a stone. Depending on your purpose and use, the list can be different. If you are looking for hiking, climbing or walking on rough, rocky terrains with your beach shoes, go with a shoe that provides a solid and thick sole, adequate traction and proper cushioning for shock absorption.

If you are on the beach just to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, a beach sandal should be enough. If you are looking for water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, waterboarding or even occasional walks, water socks or botties are rather better options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How To Wash Water Shoes?

Answer: 1. If you are just off from a beach, use regular water to wash off the sand and saline water from your shoes. Do not leave them there until the next use.

2. If there is dirt on shoes, use warm water and soap mixture. Soak the shoes into the mixture for a minute, then use a soft cloth to wipe the dirt.

Question: How To Clean Neoprene Shoes?

Answer: Neoprene shoes have a problem of bad odor if not washed and cleaned properly after use. When you get home from the beach or the water sport you have been spending time with, rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean and regular water.

You can also use mild soap or detergent with warm water to clean the salty water from the shoes. Then shake out the water as much as you can. Finally, you can use a towel to clean the surface and inside before storing it for next use.

Question: What Shoes To Wear To A Beach Wedding?

Answer: Forget about high heels if you’re getting ready for your beach wedding ceremony. Heels are inappropriate for sand. Rather, go for sandals or flip-flop. There are some really fashionable sandals made for beach wedding which combines comfort and embellishment.

You can also opt for a sandal for the ceremony and heels for the reception. If you don’t want sands between your toes, make sure you are wearing wedged heels.

Question: Can I Use Beach Shoes for Pools And Vice Versa?

Answer: It depends on the shoe, the type, quality and objective it’s made for. Pools are controlled environment, and usually, you don't expect any sharp rock to get in your way. On the beach, that is always a possibility. On the other hand, pools use chlorine and other chemicals to purify and clean the water. These chemicals may react with the shoes, stain them or fade the color.

Question: Should I Wear Beach Shoes For Beach Running Or Go Barefoot?

Answer: Well, that really depends on your preference, condition of the beach and your level of stamina. If the beach you run has scattered rocks and corals, then definitely wear shoes. If this is a place people use for partying, sometimes leaving bottle or staff, you should wear beach shoes.

Using beach shoes also depends on your stamina, running on the beach is different than running on a pavement. The sands are moving, making it very hard to keep going. This is also a great type of exercise. You can start with beach shoes, making yourself known with the process. After that, you can run barefoot. A tip is, keep yourself between the shell zone and the water, sands are firmer there. Do not forget to buy a pair of beach shoes that have sturdy soles and breathable mesh upper part.

Question: Can I Use Washing Machine To Clean My Beach Shoes?

Answer: It’s not impossible, but that’s not something we recommend. When you toss them on your washer, they keep hitting the walls, reducing their durability. Cleaning the shoes, be it water shoes, sandals of booties should be done by hands.

If you’re still determined to go forward, make sure the manufacturer or manual says it’s permitted. Throw some clothes or pillow alongside to avoid damage of the shoes. Also, make sure the cleaning product you are using is gentle on the fabric. Otherwise, it might damage the color or put a stain on the shoes.

Question: The Laces of My Beach Running Shoes Keep Untying, What To Do?

Answer: Most of the time, it happens because the laces are too long, or the knot is tied loosely. Long laces hang over the side of the footwear, losing tension on the knot and eventually untying. To prevent that, shorten the laces by cutting a portion from them and then reattaching the tip.

If you don’t want to cut the shoelaces, there’s an alternative way. After tying the laces, tuck the remaining portion under the shoelaces that cover the tongue part.

Wrapping It Up

Beach is the source of energy and enjoyment for people with different purposes. Some use it for running, some for water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, some come here to spend a nice vacation with family, some to have a wedding of the lifetime. Since sands are inseparable parts of the beauty of a beach, the shoes must be compatible with them.

The best beach shoes for and water comes in different designs, color, and objective. Each thing people do on a beach has a special kind of shoe assigned for that. Obviously, shoes perfect for running will not be the same as shoes perfect for surfing. With that in mind, always try to keep your expectations real, know your objective and buy appropriate ones. Use this guide as a starter to find the best water shoes for different occasions.

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